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it's ya girl kat~
and today I'm bringing my experience from the monsta x world tour BEAUTIFUL IN DALLAS
so first off, to every ONE who waited in line like I did,probably heard or saw, but we did have a few monbebe who fainted due to the heat, I almost passed out and I've lived in dallas my whole life.

so to those going to the next concert PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay hydrated it summer and it's hot.
this was the line we waited in it was so long and it felt like I was there forever because of the heat when I actually got there at about 4:30 and the doors didn't open till 6:30
but omygish guys the concert was amazing!
so here are some pictures, I can't promise they are high quality as these were taken on my phone as I forgot my vlogging cam at home....
they started the concert with beautiful
it was beautiful

this was when they were introducing themselves
the English man
they said that they didn't expect so many monbebe here in dallas because they didn't think that Texas had a lot of monbebe but man that house was PACKED it sold out i believe.

enter 'hyungwon'

let me say this tho
out of the members monbebe screamed the loudest for hyungwon and I feel that even tho he wasn't here he knows we still love him and I'm sure the boys will tell him everything that happened

so this was hyungwons replacement since he wasn't there but I do have to say, I'm glad he is at home resting instead of stressing his knee even more.

here is my video that i edited

they were all soooooo close that I could see every detail. I missed nothing lol, but about halfway through the concert my phone died ㅠㅠ. so these are the photos I will publish the videos to YouTube and put a link up later today! I going to try and edit them
so for now~
stay beautiful and shine forever ~
I have a LOT of photos.
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I posted a few already.
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