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Hello Jaywalkers! It's Melissa! First I'd want to apologize for taking so long in completing the next chapter in my fan fiction.
Here is the first chapter to help refresh your memory.

Turn Off Your Phone ( Jay Park Fan Fiction) Chapter 1 Hello! This will be my first time writing a fan fiction in chapters. I've done some one shot fan fic...
Here is Chapter 2. I hope you all like it.
Chapter 2

Jay’s POV 

It's been a couple of months since my new arrangement with a social secretary. It's been great. I can work as long as I need. I don't have to go out looking for dates anymore. I just look over my list of ladies; if one fits with what I feel like doing later, I'll send her a text asking if she's available for the evening. There is one girl that is always available for me. Her name is Rebecca, or Becky. I just send her a text with the time and place, and I know she'll show up. I get back to work. I need to finish up with these details for our next project.

Choi Yaya’s POV 

"Like I was telling you before, I don't have control on when or where or why he texts you. Mr. Park uses his discretion on when he'll text for another date.", 

Yaya tries to explain for the umpteenth time to one of Jay’s dates. It was part of the job. She has to be the wall or door to Jay Park. She finds potential dates for him. When he agrees with her list, she then contacts and arranges a meeting. At these meetings, she goes over what is expected from dating Jay Park. She has them sign a nondisclosure form, ensuring they understand that they are to never release any news about Jay Park’s personal life. After she gets them to sign it, she assigns them a disposable phone with new phone numbers. 

She'll warn them never to text him. If they need or have any questions to contact her, and she'll pass on their messages. If they break any of the rules, their phone will be taken away. What's so hard to understand?! Even Jay tells them the rules with dating him. You would think they would get it, but no! They think they can change him. Nope! There is no woman alive who can do that. Well, no woman who foolishly agrees to his terms at least.

This job can be so frustrating! After convincing the latest dropped victim it would be in her best interest to return the company phone, I hung up the phone, and lay down my head on my arms with a deep sigh.

"Tough day?", A male voice asked.

I jumped up because I recognized that sexy voice. It belonged to Simon Dominic, the man of my dreams. He was giving me one of his sexy smiles. The one that melts my heart.

I realized I haven't answered him. I was just gawking at him.

"Oh! It's just a little crazy today. A little more then usual.", I finally replied 

"Jay's fillies giving you problems?", he asked with a concerned expression. "Nothing I can't handle, but it can be draining sometimes", I replied, which he nods his head in agreement with what I'm saying. 

Simon’s POV 

I'm heading to talk to Jay about our latest project, when I see Yaya laying her down. She looks worn out. Her office is next to Jay's. So I have to pass it when I go see him. Jay's secretary has her desk in front of his office. When I saw her like that, I started to worry. Being Jay's personal assistant can be tough, but I know that Yaya can handle it. That's why I recommended her to Jay in the first place. I've been keeping an eye on her for awhile. I met her through a friend. 

I knew she could put up with a playboy like Jay. I just wonder what kind of man attracts her. "Oh. Well, I need to go talk to Jay  now. Talk to you later Yaya. Try not to work too much." She waves her fingers at me while I walk in Jay's office.


I was trying to go sleep but the phone I borrowed from my sister kept going off. Ugh! I toss my blankets off to get that phone. 

My sister Becky came by earlier to talk about a new guy she meet. She been seeing some loser, who used her as a booty call. I told she could do better then that. 

She would tell me, "But Y/N, you don't who it is. He's really special!"

I would stop her when she started going into details on how he was a great lover.

"Too much information Becky! So what if he's a great lover. Is he a good companion? Will he be by your side if you are hurt or sick?", I would always ask her.

She finally got the point, especially when she didn't hear from him in months. Now she has moved on. She came by today to talk about her new man.

"Y/N, he is the one! He likes spending all his free time with me. He's name is JB. I know his name is same as my other friend, but he's total opposite of him",

Becky gushes over her new guy. She never told the name of the guy she was sleeping with. To be honest, I didn't ask and was happy that my little sister was moving on.

"I was trying to call you earlier, but couldn't get through. Is there something wrong with your cell?", Becky asks me.

"Yeah, my phone is messed up. I ordered a new one it won't get here til next week",

I told her while organizing my work station in my office.

"Oh that's terrible! Don't you need your phone in case a client is trying to reach you?",

Becky asks me with a concerned  expression on her face.

"I'm kind of worried about that. I'm thinking getting a temporary one til I get my new one. Even though they say expect it in a week, you never know if that's true", I answered. 

Becky’s face lights up like a great idea came in her head. 

"I got it! I got an extra phone you can have. You can contact your clients with this temporary number", she says while pulling out a disposable phone from her bag. She hands it to me.

"Here you go, Sister! I'll text the number. Just ignore any texts that might come late at night", she warns me while walking out the door. She's meeting up with her new guy for a date. I tell her to have fun, while I look over the phone. As soon as I get the number, I contacted my clients.

Now the texts from unknown name started earlier but stopped after send a time and place to meet up. What a jerk! Just like Becky advised me, I tried to ignored these texts. 

I get up to turn off the phone when I saw the latest text.

"Becky, where are you? You know I don't like waiting. You know my time is limited."

What the hell is his problem? Common sense would tell you when someone doesn't reply to a text, they don't want to be bothered. This is the last straw. I get dressed in casual clothes and put my hair up in a messy bun. I grab my car keys and head out. I'm going to put this mf in his place.

I walk in this fancy restaurant, but didn't care about it. I pull out the phone and send a quick text

"I'm here! Where are you?" I hit send and looked around to see anyone looking at their phone. That's when I saw him. He's at the back table. It looks like he's typing a reply when the phone dings. Which I ignore and head to his table. 

"What the fuck is your problem? There is a reason why Becky hasn't responded to your texts. She doesn't have her phone any more. Can't you take a hint, loser?", I shout at him when I reached his table. His shocked expression was priceless. 


I want to send a special thanks to @MarrickeJ33 and @FromBlue2U for helping me out with this chapter.

Please let me know what you think of the story.

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