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Hello IGOT7! It's Melissa with @luna1171! Here is our next chapter for our Markson Fan Fiction. We hope you all like it.

warning: mature contents for mature readers. Read at your discretion.

Chapter 4 Jackson POV We heading off to drop the girls off first. It was very interesting seeing Mark making moves on my dream girl, Seuni. I didn't realize Mark knew her too. I didn't mention anything to him, because I didn't want him worrying about it. We knew it would happened one day. Both us liking the same girl. Seuni is the one for me, but it's seems it's the same for Mark. We need to clear this up as soon as possible. My relationship with Mark is about to be tested. As we dropped of the girls at their dorm building, that annoying girl MiNa tries to get Mark to come upstairs with them Of course Jackson can come up also to keep Seuni company She says with a smirk on her face. She sends Seuni Eye signals while jerking her head my directions.
My God! Can she be more obvious.
Seuni starts blushing and starts nodding her head but not looking at me.
Sure, Jackson can keep me company if he wants to. She says softly like she is forcing herself to say.
No that's ok. We got stuff to get done.
I said boldly while looking at Mark. I was daring him to contradict me
Right, Mark? I asked him. He was starting to look nervous. He gave the give a weak smile before replying
Sorry MiNa but yes we got some stuff to take of. We had a good time with you both.
MiNa looks shock that Mark didn't want to go upstairs with her. She starts pouting and whining
Are you sure Mark? We were having such a great time together. I would hate to end the night early. I'm sure whatever stuff you both need to get done can wait till tomorrow, right?
MiNa was persisting that we stay. She's about to learn that no one comes before me in Mark's life.
No we can't put it off til tomorrow. Let's go Mark.
After saying that, I turn around start walking back to the car. I know Mark will be following right behind me. I don't dare look at Seuni. I know I'm showing my bad side to her, but this who I am. I'm the alpha in this group. Soon Seuni will realize it. Mark's POV
Dammit Jackson had to ruin everything with his dominant nature. I'm so mad as I see him stalk off towards the car. I guess I should've expected this reaction from him. What he doesn't know is I know about his secret crush on Seuni. That is one of the reasons I started noticing her. What was so special about her? What was that caught Jackson's attention? I wasn't sure then, but I do now. I turned to the girls who had different expressions on their faces. MiNa was shocked and passed by Jackson's attitude. Seuni was shocked and confused.
I'm sorry ladies, but we really got to go now. Maybe next time we can hang out longer
I said with a sweet smile that melts a girl's heart. MiNa just melts in front of me, while Seuni looks annoyed at the thought of hanging out again. This is interesting. Something I need to mention to Jackson. I turn around to catch up with Jackson. It's never a good idea to keep him waiting.
Bye Mark! I'll give you a call later. So we can decide on when is our next outing.
MiNa yells while I was walking away. Man, that girl can be so annoying and full of herself. She actually thinks she's better than Seuni. I walk towards the car. Jackson is in the driver side. He's trying to make a point with me. I just shake my head and get in passenger side.
I start saying but Jackson stops me with a wave of his hand.
Not now Mark
Jackson says
Let's save it for when we get home. We have a lot to discuss and clear up.
He says while putting the car into drive.
It doesn't take long to get home. We both get off and head inside our apartment. Jackson unlocks the door, and opens the door for me. He jesters me to go in front of him. I start getting nervous by his calm demeanor. I go inside and head for the living room.
Wrong direction Mark
Jackson says as he grabs my arm and pushes toward his bedroom.
I'm going remind you who is in charge in this relationship Mark.
Jackson calmly says while pushing me inside his room. He shuts the door behind him. He pushes me on the bed. He holds me down and leans down towards me.
Who do you belong to Mark?
He whispers in my ear. He starts kisses my neck, before flipping me over. I tried getting up but he pushes me back down. He holds me down with one hand on my back. Next thing I know, he gives me a spanking.
Who do you belong to Mark?
He spanks me again
Do you know why you are being punished Mark?
He spanks me again I started crying and replied
I have been a bad boy. I belong to you. I Should've asked you first about Seuni. I'm sorry Jackson
I was crying while Jackson takes off my clothes and his own. He gets in bed with me. He gives me a long kiss, while pulling me close to him.
It's ok Mark, we will work something out with Seuni. Now we both know we want her. We can work together to get her.
Jackson says while kissing my face and caressing my chest. I know we'll form a plan later. MiNa POV
That was a total bomb of a date. Dammit Jackson had to ruin my chance to seduce Mark. Seuni wasn't much help either. I'm so disappointed that Mark had to leave. I was planning to make my move in my room. While Seuni was distracting Jackson. I don't know what Jackson’s problem is but been blocking me. I don't like that at all. I turn away once Mark and Jackson drive away. Seuni was already heading inside the dorm by the time I make it upstairs.
Jackson is an asshole!
I yell once we are inside.
What is his problem with me and Mark having out together? I asked
Seuni was sitting at her desk. She was looking her paperwork or something like that. She glances at me.
Jackson has a dominant nature. He likes being in control in every situation. I think the reason you don't like him is because you both are the same. Poor Mark and myself are just along for the ride. Like I really didn't want to go on this group date. Especially after knowing Jackson didn't know about it. Seuni answers
It's so annoying that she is right but she was. I couldn't help noticing how Jackson would be staring daggers at Mark. There is something going on with that. It also didn't get pass me how Mark was flirting with Seuni. Like usual, Seuni didn't noticed. She keep looking at Jackson. I think she developing a crush on him. She's attracted to dominant alpha males like Jackson. Not me, I prefer my men sweet and manageable like Mark. I just got to figure a way to lure him in my arms.
Yeah, that could be why he was in a bad mood. I'm going to take shower and think of way to lure Mark away from Jackson. I agree with her. I head to my room to get my things.
Seuni calls me back. I turn around and look at her.
Yes? I asked
Maybe you should take it slow with Mark. You don't know what's going on with him and Jackson.
Seuni starts saying til I stop her with a wave of my hand. It doesn't matter to me. All that matters is I want Mark, and I'm going to get him.
I turn away when Seuni starts shaking her head. She is doubting me now, but just wait Seuni. It will happen one way or other. Jackson's room So we are in agreement about how we are going to handle Seuni, right?
Jackson asks while holding close to him.
Yes, we'll make an indecent proposal. And see if she is up to the challenge of resisting our charms
Mark says with a chuckle. Seuni doesn't have any ideas whats coming her way.

Well we hope you are enjoying the story so far. Stay tuned for the next part. What kind of indecent proposal will they offer Seuni?

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