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Hey everyone, I apologize that I haven’t been on top with Talking Body since May. A lot of things happened all at once that I lost track with updating Talking Body. My father’s health when downhill to where he had his second back surgery. I was moving back in with my parents to help keeping them afloat. I also had work that piled on so many hours that I didn’t have much energy to stay up late and get chapters down. I am working on chapter 14 and I am hoping that I have it posted by Sunday. I had the chapter half way down until I scraped the chapter and started over. So below I figured to make up for being a bad and horrible person for not keeping everyone up to date on how Ji Su and Jungkook where doing and long on why I haven’t posted. I haven’t even kept up with all the comebacks that are happening all at once. So again, I apologize and I hope you all enjoy this little bit of this teaser. I also want to say thank you so much for giving your support and love for this story.
Chapter 14

She was mean, unfair, and a tease.

He hated it.

Hated seeing her in the window wearing a short skirt and a shirt the showed her midriff. She was play unfair teasing him while she was working. He wasn’t playing fair either by taking his shirt off while practicing. With both teasing one another, this wasn’t helping matters as both were hot and bothered by the fact they couldn’t do anything about it. He was still healing and she was refusing to do any sexual activity until he had a clean bill of health.

By doing this they made a deal, a bet. If he won, Ji Su would have to meet his parents. The other day, Jungkook’s mother called him asking him about her. Jungkook told his mother all that he could and lied about how they met. He said that Ji Su and he met at the café that was close to both her shop and his studio. Saying that they slow became friends and things feel into place. In truth, everyone knew that both Ji Su and Jungkook met as a one-night stand that turned into something more. When he told Ji Su what he wanted her to do if he won made her hesitate in agreement.

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Thanks for giving us an update! You take as much time as you need. I'm so sorry about your dad. I hope he recovers well!!