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Q&A | Are Foreigners Attractive in Korea?

Hello hello~

Some people sent me questions for a Q&A about living in Korea and I thought the info might be helpful to you as well. From where to stay and what not to do when you get lost (lol) I tried to be as thourough as possible!

~Questions so you can skip around~
How Old Are You? - 1:46
Where to Stay in Seoul? - 2:03
If I Could Change My Job... - 2:43
Worst Time I Got Lost in Korea - 3:18
Are Foreigners Attractive in Korea? - 4:39
Will I Stay in Seoul Forever? - 5:51
Advice for Study Abroad - 6:15
Weirdest Experience in Korea - 6:55
Favorite Miyazaki Film - 8:11
How Did I Meet My BF? - 8:32
Best Place to Find English Books - 8:40
What Do I Miss About NY? - 9:00
What Do I Miss About USA? - 9:49
What Makeup Do I Use? - 9:59
How to Get A Non-Teaching Job in Korea - 10:26
Should I Be Worried About North Korea? - 11:01
Will I Do A Meet Up? - 12:02

If you have any questions about life in Korea please leave them below and I'll get to it ASAP!

Also, the contest I mentioned is THIS RIGHT HERE OMG, a vote would be really really appreciated :)
I voted for you! Hope you win!! I'm going to korea in September and I'm excited to try some of the cafes and places you vlog!
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Just saw this video. I'm sad because I can't vote for you, but thank you for posting this!! I enjoyed the video.
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How long can you stay in South Korea without a visa? What exactly is required to visit?
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