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Hello hello~

Some people sent me questions for a Q&A about living in Korea and I thought the info might be helpful to you as well. From where to stay and what not to do when you get lost (lol) I tried to be as thourough as possible!

~Questions so you can skip around~
How Old Are You? - 1:46
Where to Stay in Seoul? - 2:03
If I Could Change My Job... - 2:43
Worst Time I Got Lost in Korea - 3:18
Are Foreigners Attractive in Korea? - 4:39
Will I Stay in Seoul Forever? - 5:51
Advice for Study Abroad - 6:15
Weirdest Experience in Korea - 6:55
Favorite Miyazaki Film - 8:11
How Did I Meet My BF? - 8:32
Best Place to Find English Books - 8:40
What Do I Miss About NY? - 9:00
What Do I Miss About USA? - 9:49
What Makeup Do I Use? - 9:59
How to Get A Non-Teaching Job in Korea - 10:26
Should I Be Worried About North Korea? - 11:01
Will I Do A Meet Up? - 12:02

If you have any questions about life in Korea please leave them below and I'll get to it ASAP!

Also, the contest I mentioned is THIS RIGHT HERE OMG, a vote would be really really appreciated :)
I voted for you! Hope you win!! I'm going to korea in September and I'm excited to try some of the cafes and places you vlog!
How long can you stay in South Korea without a visa? What exactly is required to visit?
Just saw this video. I'm sad because I can't vote for you, but thank you for posting this!! I enjoyed the video.