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I literally have a couple thousand photos to look through from the Atlanta Concert, and I don't have time this next week to do it either.
We had absolutely amazing seats in the third row, but security allowed us to go up to the stage as long as we didn't touch or lean on it. I stood behind my daughter (she's small), so she wouldn't get pushed too much. This let both of us take some good shots with our phones.

None of these shots are editted either.
The boys were literally dripping with sweat after the first couple of songs.
I am just randomly selecting a few photos. I'm not sure what everyone would like to see....or who. I admit we have photos of certain members more than others. Part of that is how they were on stage, as a couple of them stayed right by our area.
All the Monsta X boys are good looking, but I couldn't believe how PRETTY Jooheon is. All of them are handsome and some are even hot, but Jooheon is pretty. I'm not sure how to explain it exactly.
I have a couple of stories of things that happened to us at the Monsta X concert also. One thing that happened I still have a difficult time believing.....
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Omgosh you were so close to them! πŸ˜†. you got some really awesome pictures and I bet you had loads of fun! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
You won't believe some of what happened....I was there and still can't believe it.