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Chen sat waiting in the other taxi. The driver asked who were they waiting for, Chen narrowed his eyes, “That fool standing right there.” He answered. He reached in front of the driver and honked the horn, “YA!! HURRY UP!!”

Xiumin ran and jumped in. He sat close to Chen, like he always does, ready to snuggle but Chen scooted away. So Xiumin scooted a little closer again but Chen scooted away again. Xiumin eyed him and then snaked his arm around Chen and pulled him back to him.

“What's wrong? He asked leaning his head on Chen. Chen looked away, wanting to nudge him off. Xiumin started blowing in his ear to make answer him.

“Stop!” Chen screeched. When Xiumin removed his arm, Chen sat up straight and moved away again. He sat with his hands in his lap, staring out the window.

“Hey… what's wrong?” Xiumin asked nicely. He watched him a little worried. He'd never saw his Chen-Chen this upset before. He wanted to see him happy, a sly grin flashed across his face. He walked his fingers up Chen's thigh to his hands, he tapped the back of his hand and started making little circles.

A deep sigh escaped from Chen. He turned his hand over and allowed Xiumin to slip his hand into his. Then he felt Xiumin's head on his shoulder again.

“Chingu.” Xiumin said as cutely as possible, “Chingu, what's wrong? You're worrying me.”

He sighed still looking out the window, then he said, “I just don't think you should be behaving like this if you're going to have a girlfriend.” Chen said.

“But I don't have a girlfriend, I have you, my little wifey.” He giggled thinking it was funny.

Chen let his hand go and nudged him off.

Xiumin made a sad face, “Don't be like that.” And slid over to the other end of the seat.

They sat quietly until they reached the dorm. Chen paid the driver and quickly ran up the steps to the front door. He fumbled with the keys, his mind was so lost he couldn't get the key to turn. Xiumin tried to help but Chen brushed him off, so he just stepped back and waited.

Finally, Xiumin had a enough and jerked the keys out of his hands. He inserted the key and turned it. The lock clicked open. Chen was ready to walk in when Xiumin got in front of him.

“Stop” Xiumin said, holding him back.

“Come on, I'm tired.” Chen said rubbing his face, “please move.”

“No” Xiumin stood steadfast.

Chen looked at him annoyed, “Why?”

Xiumin sighed, he put his arms around Chen’s waist, holding him, he clamped his hands against his back, making it hard for him to wiggle out. They looked into each other's eyes.

“What's wrong?” Xiumin said really concerned.

Chen raised his hands, “This…. This is what I'm talking about. You can't be doing things like this. You're going to have a girlfriend. She'll misunderstand.” He said quickly.

Xiumin tilted his head, understanding now, “Is that what's bothering you? That I'm going to have a girlfriend and she won't understand our relationship?”

Chen's eyebrows scrunched up at how it sounded. He tried to push Xiumin off but it was useless, he had a strong grip.

“I told you no one is going to come between us” Xiumin said, “I promise you.” He pulled Chen in tighter until their bodies were touching, his chin resting on his shoulder. He held him until he gave in. Chen laid his head on Xiumin’s shoulder, letting a long sigh out. Even after saying what he just said, Chen was going to miss his strong hold.

They quickly stepped apart when they heard the door knob jiggle. Suho stepped out, looking at the two of them.

“Is everything okay?” He asked.

Xiumin nodded, looking tired with his pretty eyes blinking heavily, Chen nodded as well.

“Then come inside.”

I guess I'll sit in the corner and wait for Chen to notice me 😢
She isn't going to understand...at least not at first
::church faints::