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good evening lady's and gents i want to apologize for not being so active I've been so busy lately and don't have time for anything anymore but hopefully i start tomorrow to come back and be active. Any who I have news to give today first off i want to speak up and tell all of u that ive been writing a novel and that im almost finish with it and ill be posting it soon so keep on a look out lol and second Thursday later in the afternoon i was told that one of my favourite band has passed away . you might or might not listen to them but the one who passed was chester Bennington the leader of Linkin Park. chester committed suicide and no one knows y. so now he is in a better place Linkin Park will always be my #1 rock band prayers goes to his family and friends.
RIP chester u will never be forgotten. #ChesterBennington p.s a tragic thing happen to a friend of mine god bless him hopefully he is ok
I'm still in disbelief. I just refuse to believe it even if it's true. I loved this dude
RIP Chester 🤘