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Kim Woo Bin Corners Park Shin Hye to Tell Her His Feelings With Park Shin Hye running away with every chance that she has, Kim Woo Bin finally put his foot down and cornered her so she can’t escape. On November 20, SBS’ The Heirs released still cuts of Kim Woo Bin cornering Park Shin Hye to a wall so that she would just listen to him. The scene was filmed on November 16 at a high school in Seongdong-gu. Kim Woo Bin acted as the cold-hearted and tough Choi Young Do, who ends up explosively confessing his inner thoughts to Cha Eun Sang after she repeated disregarded his poor attempts of affection. “Just watching Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin’s tense love line has our hearts pounding as well,” said Hwa and Dam Pictures. “Please continue watching to see where this relationship between Eun Sang and Young Do goes.”
@annbhoi these were new pics … so i'm guessing either today's episode or tomorrows
@annbhoi you're welcome ;)
goodnyt to thanks for ur time @mariamatillano i waited the recap...but i watch first in dailymotion ryt nw..sweet dreams..
yeah! @annbhoi that is a feel good drama! Goodnight :)
yeah @mariamatillano park shin and jks good couple...then wo bin nice to them...bfore in you're beautiful hyun hwa he's nice so the drama fucos only on jks ang psh
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