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The Gold Box (BTS Fanfic) Chapter 14 18+
Taehyung's no response makes Ali even more nervous. But she decides to put those feelings aside and hugs him tighter. 
Taehyung tries to lay back but Ali doesn't let him. 
Instead she pulls away looking at him. Taehyung looks at her confused thinking he did something wrong. He sees a faint smile on her face as she pulls him towards her for a kiss. Surprised, he gasps but then relaxes, deepening the kiss. 
Ali pushes Taehyung to lay on the bed still kissing him. 
Being apart a month felt like years to them, and their future is still unknown. But, at this moment he wants to be with her. In this moment where he can hold her, kiss her and show his love. 
He craves her. 
He grabs her body to be closer to him and feels her tears dripping on his face. She pulls back, sitting up. 
"I can't...if we continue like this and separate..."
"Can we worry about what will happen tomorrow or in the future as it comes? Please, Ali can we just...focus on today, right now and just enjoy being together?
"I want to show all of my love to you. How much I like you have changed me. So please, lets be together without thinking anything else...even if it's only for just one day...." He murmurs placing his forehead against her, his hand on the back of her neck. 
"Can we...." he looks at her gulping. "Can we"
"It? What it?" she responds frowning. He looks at her disappointing for not getting his code word.
She smiles slightly. "What do you mean? I don't understand make what, Tae?" she teases biting her lip. 
"Love" he whispers 
"You are so cheesy~ Is this how you seduce girls?" She says trying to control her laugh. He rolls his eyes and then smiles at her. He can't believe he just said that too. But. he doesn't care because it her. 
 "And to answer that question...."
He looks at her wide eyed waiting for the answer. 
"We can..." She says.
He looks in her eyes to confirm one more time, since noticed a sense of panic in her eyes. 
"Like I want too...I really do but just so you know you would be my first. So know..." She blurts out. His smiles realizing what she is worried about. He kisses her forehead and then her lips. She wraps her her arms around his neck pulling him close. He pushes her on the bed deepening the kiss.  
Her blood pounds in her veins, her heart beating against her chest. She caressed his face as he  devours her mouth. She finds him as hungry for her as she was for him. His hand slides under her shirt touching her bare skin. Her hands grab his hair, lightly pulling it. He moans increasing fire and passion between them by pludging his tongue between her lips, tasting her. She slides her hands down to the hem of his shirt and pulls it off, throwing it somewhere across the room. 
He takes off her shirt throwing it somewhere on the floor. He drives his hands in her curly hair, this time he earns a response from her. 
She bites his lips and it is as he loses his mind.  
 Hunger surges inside him. He kisses her body and takes off her bra, following by her shorts and underwear. She sits up as he hurriedly take of his trousers. When he does, he comes back looking for her lips but she pulls back. 
Smiling she pushes him on the bed to lay down and kisses his neck, shoulders, all the way to his muscular abdomen. She notices a huge scar across his chest and touches it. 
"It doesn't hurt anymore, does it?" She whispers her voice quivering. "When did you get this?"
He caresses her face, and pushes her hair back. "It doesn't now, and I got it when I was 17. My dad did was punishment." 
Shocked, Ali tries to think of something to say but couldn't. She looks down and touches in again and then kisses. 
"Shit...." Taehyung whispers arching his body as she continues to his neck up until she finds his lips again. 
Gangnam Club: 10:00 PM
Jimin and Raejin decide to separate their ways as they get inside the club. 
"Just text me, if you want to leave early...or you know for anything" Jimin says. Raejin nods.
 "I hope he comes though because that dress might cause trouble" He says looking at her and then winks. Raejin smirks and motions him to go. 
She finds the bar and sits down, ordering a coke. She didn't come her to drink. She hates drinking and has low tolerance. She just came her to drown in the loud music surrounding her. 
Maybe this way her scary thoughts about what might have happened to Ali would disappear at least for a while. She looks around wondering if Yoongi got here. Her phone keeps vibrating from his calls but she ignores it. 
  Gangnam Club: 10:30 PM  
Jungkook walks into the club as he is welcomed by the owner who is friend of his. The owner takes his order for drinks and leads him to the VIP room. He steps inside and is greeted by a couple making out. Hearing him they separate. 
He looks over to the girl and smirks. 
"Feeling bold, aren't we?" He says looking at the girl.  "Coming here in public when you are suppose to be dead." Jane smiles slyly. 
"They never go to clubs so they won't know." Jane says as a matter of factly. Before Jungkook could respond to her, Jin interrupts trying to end the bickering before it starts.
"What Suzy gave to us was empty..I wonder how many replicas she has made..babe, you know?" He asks looking at Jane. 
"I told her to make one...but I don't know how many she made during that time to trick us like that."  
"So who has the other replica?" Jungkook asks. "Suzy?" 
Jane nods. 
"We still can't find where the original is? Suzy said it disappeared from where she initially hit it."
"And you believed her?" Jungkook says smirking
"I searched her, stupid! And everything around her!" Jane fires back.
"You shouldn't call me stupid, when you gave it to her in the first place and now you don't even know where it is!" Jungkook says glaring at her. 
Jin tries to calm Jane down and asks about Taehyung and Ali.
"Don't even talk about him! Motherfucker left me for a girl. I should have known he never stopped caring for them!" Jungkook says trying to control his temper even thinking about it. "Anyways, I called you guys here to offer you something. It involves something you both A lot of money."
"How much?" Jane blurts out. Jin looks at him in anticipation for an answer. 
"40 Billion. You take 20, I take 20." Jungkook answers. 
  Gangnam Club: 11:00 PM  
Raejin decides to finally order some beer. She asks for half a glass and the bartender looks at her weirdly.  
"She can't hold her liquor, her midget body is too weak for that." Jimin says taking a seat next to her. "I will get a full glass, unlike Ms. Lightweight here." The bartender laughs. 
Raejin looks at him annoyed. " Aren't we suppose to ignore each other the whole inside the club?" 
"Ehhh, I am bored. Also, your boyfriend texted asking for the address of the club." He says showing her his phone. 
"Aha! Give me a $1000! Come on!! I won the bet." She says extending her hand. 
"Fine! But later right now I don't have much." He says.
"Better not run away with my money...." 
"I WON'T!" he responds showing his annoyance. "How were you so sure?"
"I have known him for 7 years. We have been friends for 3. And a couple for 4." She says taking a sip from her beer. 
"Still....I wish someone knew how much I cared for them like you do for Yoongi."
"Who are you indicating to?" 
"No one." He responds, chugging down his beer and walking away. 
Gangnam Club: 11:00 PM
Jungkook sits alone in the room after Jin and Jane leave. He is glad that they accepted his deal. On the other hand, he was reminded of Taehyung, which made his blood boil. He closes his eyes taking a sip from his drink. 
He hears a knock on the glass door. Annoyed thinking its one of the workers he yells to come in. 
He open his eyes hearing the female voice. He looks at the tall girl standing in front of him. She looks mixed. Her features are Asian but her eyes her of bluish-gray color, her hair is red and curly. 
For a moment he forgets to breath. 
"This is a VIP room." He says, hoping she didn't notice the staring. 
"I know"
"..............then why are you here?" 
"I saw you were sitting her alone...why don't you come out and enjoy" She says her cheeks flushed red. 
She is trying to hit on me........
"Nah, but if you feel bad you can give me company" he smirks and motions her to sit next to him. 
He waits for her to say something, if not do something. But she doesn't. She sits still looking ahead. 
WTF? WHy is she not making move? What kind of awkward girl is she? What if she works with one of the other gangs. Fuck! What is she heard about the deal? 
"So you wanna start or should i?"
"umm what?" she looks at him confused. 
"I mean like you are here because you find me attractive. So you wanna make out?"
She gives him a weird look as if he is some creep. He can't figure out what she wants. Or who she is. He has to make her talk more so he knows. 
"I mean if not then what are you doing here?" He asks giving her a bottle of beer. She pushes his hand away refusing to take the drink. Bewildered, he puts it back and picks his drink up.
"I just wanted to talk." She says looking at him, smiling. Her eyes are now the shade of deep blue shinning under the light. He clears his throat looking away. 
"About what?" he says taking a sip. 
"Do you like chicken nuggets?" She asks casually. Jungkook spits out his drink hearing her question. 

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