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So I have never wanted puma, not even after BTS started promoting it. But now...Now I finally want a pair. So I went and looked online and came across this website.
When you open it boom, BTS video. So I was trying to see pricing to see if I really could afford them.. on this site it says originally $139 but on sale for $129.
Now these shoes are beautiful and I want them but I can't get them this month....but anywho. I'm not 100% sure on this site because it wasn't listed as a site that should be selling it. per this.
So I think double checking with puma er korean puma that this is actually a seller. You don't want to be paying for a huge amount just to find out they are fake or worse it's a scam. But on the positive side....i found this!
it's the official Korean Puma site and they have them on sale here for 79,000 won...or what it translated to $79. Now if does say on Orders over $50 you get free shipping but I'm not sure on that and I can't seem to get it to let me check yet on my computer.

Here are the links that I was checking these tho he out on.

please double check any site you might be trying to purchase these from since they might not be the real deal.


My username changed. It's not amberg171997 anymore. it is now Yugykookie97
Ok I'll change it
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