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I Hate That I Love You . I Hate That Your With Hyungs. I Hate That You Don't Love Me Anymore. I Hate That You Used Me. I Hate That You Treat Me Like Dust. Not Any Dust. But The Winds Dust That Flow Away. Time is so cruel. I hate us. "I Hate US" it’s now even harder to even see each other’s faces. You Can't Tolerate Me. I Can't Tolerate You. You Changed, Jimin Hyung. And I Changed, Hyung. I Was Only A Fool To Love You Back. And Of course For Making Us *You a Song about my feelings. Remember "love is not over". Do You Remember what you said to me. "our love is gonna last for forever" Jerk!You Broke It. You Broke Me.And Left Me Shattered. it's Like I Was Just A Reflection Made Out Of Glass. And Now Has Shattered Into Tiny Pieces Of Glass. It's Surprising. It's Surprising. How You Calmly Moved On. And Here I Am. Calmly Cutting Deep In Side My Wrist. Hoping To Die. "GoodBye Hyung.I Hope You Earn Pain In Your Life"
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