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Hey everyone, so NU'EST or NU'EST W released a new version of Look. It was remixed by Baekho and I have to say I really enjoy it.

It is definitely different than the original. I am really proud of our boys and I am super excited to see more of them as NU'EST and From Minhyun while he is in Wanna One

What do you think of this new version of Look?

If you want to be added/removed from the taglist let us know.

yep soompi posted it. i just posted it. a single album, but ei t er way im excited!
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That's true. I just want to make sure everyone can see more than just that though too.
no lie been listening to that like 30 mins straight
I just woke up and I get on youtube and I see Look by NU'EST and I see Be My Friend from Jooheon and I.M. Like should I just stop sleeping to be able to keep up? 😂😂 I read somewhere NU'EST W has teased their first single, so I have to go do some research.