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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with Game Night Friday! Tonight's game is going to be a SSG (Screen Shot Game). We are encouraging everyone to participate.

This week's SSG is called Who is Who? There is five categories for each member. Who is going to be your Sugar Daddy? Or your husband? You never know who you will get. You might get lucky and get the same member for all categories : )
Let's get start..

So the question now is Who is Who? Please make a card showing your results. We would love to see Who is Who for you. Please tag the Royal Squad, so we can see your results. The first 5 to post will be a surprise for participating.

Good Luck Everyone!

I never got Minsu 😭😭😭😭😭😭 lol
@BabydollBre For none of them? Try again and show us 😁
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@BabydollBre πŸ˜‚