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***reposting this - Vingle was saying it never posted, so sorry if you are seeing it multiple times....

Hey guys!

So TOP's sentencing for his drug charges was finalized today. The official sentencing is 2 years probation and a ₩12,000 fine. The fine has definitely had some attention as it is equivalent to about $10.65. The reasoning behind it is that TOP was charged with smoking marijuana 4 times and each dose is approximately ₩3000.

If TOP breaks any laws during his probation, he will face 10 months in prison, but since he showed true remorse and it was his first offense he will not otherwise have to serve any prison time.

Also, since his prison time is under 18 months, he will be able to continue with his mandatory military service and not have to restart it! It is not known yet where he will continue to serve.

You can read more here

All in all this is very good news! I think VIPS everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief - I know I am!! Hopefully now he will be able to move past this and become stronger from the experience. So many people showed their love and support for him during all of this. I hope he always remembers just how loved he is and that no matter what VIPS have his back ♡♡♡

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just set him free and give him back to us
thats amazing for t.o.p! SO PROUD....
Ah I'm so relieved, my precious idol😍I'm glad he's doing well now and I hope he feels better now💜
Great news!