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Who: Chase Malone x Reader
What: Angst (I'm sure Smut eventually)
Story: One happy night turns his life upside down. Business man Chase Malone must do everything he can to deal with loss, keep his business and bring back the woman he loves.

Y/n's POV

You sat down on Gloria's bed. A few weeks ago you had been staying here with her until you decided that you didn't want to go back home to Chase. You ended up getting a hotel room so that you didn't impose on her. Gloria and Jay were patching up things between them. It seemed more was happening to their romance after rekindling the night of the double date. Gloria said it wasn't a big deal, it wasn't like they were getting back together but you weren't blind. You could tell that she liked him like she used to.

You were getting more of your memories back now. After remembering Sammy, holding him, feeding him, putting him to sleep and even the day you gave birth to him, your other memories started to come back. Sammy was your road block to the rest of your memories apparently. He was the reason you felt half empty when you were with Chase. Because you knew you were in love with him, but there was something that felt like it was missing.

Sammy was that something.

You remembered sitting in the shower with warm water running and Chase coming in. You had let the water run for a while and you were completely dressed aside from your shoes. You were in such a state of shock that you had just walked in and turned the water on. You ended up sliding down the wall to sit down on the floor and you pulled your knees into your chest. You stared out at nothing and Chase walked into the bathroom. You shower doors were glass and since the water wasn't hot enough to steam it up he could clearly see you sitting down in the shower. He walked up to you and turned off the water but you didn't react to him.

"Baby are you okay?" he asked placing a hand in your wet hair.

You didn't respond at first but you had something in your hand. He saw it and went to look at it until you yanked your hand back and looked at him. You shook your head. He looked at you even more confused. He sighed and said,

"Okay let's get you up and into dry clothes, this isn't healthy."

He helped you stand and walked you out of the bathroom. You placed what was in your hand on the nightstand and got undressed and started to change. He walked out of the bedroom telling you he'd make you something to warm you up. By the time you came out of the bedroom, your wet hair was trying to dry but still sticking to your face. You were in cotton flanel pajama's that you normally wore when you had movie nights in with Gloria. They made you feel comfortable and safe. You had something in your hand again and you walked out and stood in front of the TV in the living room.

Chase had walked in and placed cups of hot chocolate on your glass coffee table and sat down on the gray couch sitting before it. He looked up at you with a cup in his hand and wondering what was going on. You could see it all over his face; he was worried about you but he didn't want to push it out of you.

"Baby is something wrong? You can tell me." he said.

You held up a pregnancy test and bowed your head. It was positive and for a moment Chase hadn't said anything. You heard the cup being placed back onto the table and you looked up to see Chase coming to you and he crashed his lips onto yours. He was so happy and you were so scared. You had never wanted to be a mother but with him you knew everything had changed. You felt freer with him, you wanted to explore new things with him. He picked you up and spun you around and just told you how happy he was. Tears of joy brimmed his eyes as he sat you down on your feet and touched your stomach. He kissed your stomach lightly and then your lips heavily. You felt the strength in his arms when he hugged you but you also felt the security of it. You felt how much you loved him and he loved you and that made you feel like everything was going to be alright. Like you really could be a mother, you two would be great parents.

Now, you were sitting in Gloria's bedroom with that memory running through your head again. You had tears running down your cheeks. Part of you was tired, the other part of you wanted to be home with Chase. You wanted to be home with him for a while but you two hadn't talked in a month. You hadn't seen him in a month. Every day you came by the house he was at work. He had kept Sammy's clothes and pictures scattered in the living room. He didn't touch them, he didn't even seem to make an attempt to clean up the mess you left.

You wanted him to clean it up. Not because it was messy but because you wanted him to look at it all. He wasn't dealing with the loss of Sammy. He was pushing down that pain and that's why he was having those nightmares. That's why he was getting up in the middle of the night to go beat the living hell out of the punching bag in Sammy's room. He was just angry and hurt. Fighting it out was clearly not helping, he needed to talk about it, he needed to face it. He knew Sammy was dead but for some reason it seemed like he wasn't accepting that reality. It wasn't real even if it was a fact.

There was so much pain festering inside of Chase that he tried to focus it in other places. Having sex with you, building new memories, taking care of the company. He had so much weight on his shoulders at once that he was losing himself. He wasn't the same man that you had fallen in love with and married. That man wanted to deal with issues together, you could feel it in your heart that's who he used to be. Now, he was just claming up and running away from everything. He wasn't dealing with it; he was just letting his heart get more and more infected.

Gloria walked into her room and gave you a tissue. You started to wipe the tears off your face.

"It doesn't have to be a bad thing Y/n." she said.

"No, I don't think it's a bad thing, it's just- I don't think he's ready."

"You're going to have to tell him sometime. You might as well tell him now." She said.

"He's so lost right now. I want to help him but he just won't let me. I begged him to let me help him and he just walked out on me."

"Chase has never been like this before. He was very relaxed and carefree but after the accident- It was like his entire life was turned upside down Y/n. You were in a coma for six months while he was trying to figure out what to do with his company. On top of that, your nine month old son was killed in a crash and he had to fight in a court case to get the man who did it behind bars. He only got five years for vehicular manslaughter. It's not supposed to be easy when a child dies Y/n but your lives can't just stop here. He fought so hard to get you when you were damaged. He's damaged right now so you need to fight for him too. Tell him." she said.

You looked at her and nodded. You stood up and grabbed your keys to head to the penthouse.

Chase's POV

Daniel, a man that worked at Chase's company for at least six years and had shown the utmost amount of loyalty to Chase, second to Jay, was the man responsible for stealing from Chase's company. Each gig they had finished up with, the modeling, the filming sets, the music industry, each branch he was skiming off a small percentage of the money, so small it wasn't easily detected until it all started to add up. Chase's men were watching secrutiy footage carefully for a month and tracking the money that had gone with each branch of Chase's company. In the first week, they were able to pin point in which department the shortage was coming from but with so many people working the department the next few weeks they had to spend narrowing it down to who it could be. It wasn't until today that Chase received the call that it was Daniel stealing from him.

He hadn't talked to Jay for a bit, it must've been because he had snapped at Gloria. He only talked to Gloria once and that was because she called him for Y/n. She was staying with her for a little bit but Y/n didn't want to talk to him. He asked her how she was but Gloria was vague with details claiming she was fine but that didn't necessarily tell him what he wanted to know. He wanted her to come back home, the house was a ghost house again. He hated all the silence. He hated not sleeping next to her even if it was only for a little while.

He hated being this alone.

He missed his wife.

He walked in the house finshing up his conversation on the phone with HR. He was seething that Daniel was the one behind all of this.

"You can fire his whole department until this shit is figured out I don't trust any of them." He barked into the phone while he walked into the kitchen.


"Just get it done." Chase snapped back in the phone.

He hung up the phone and slapped a glass off the island upset. It took him a second but he looked up and saw that he completely over looked something. Sitting in the living room, staring at nothing was Y/n. She had been in here? He stood straight up and walked over calling her name.

"Y/n?" he said shocked.

She looked up at him and stood up herself. She walked past him and grabbed the broom and dustpan to clean up the broken glass. He walked over to her to stop her.

"You don't have to do that." He said.

"It shouldn't just sit here, someone could get hurt."

"Y/n." He said.

She looked at him for a moment and sighed,

"Ok." she whispered.

She walked back into the living room and sat down on the side couch. He sat down as well,

"I didn't see your car outside." he said.

"I parked in the garage." she answered.

She wasn't looking at him mainly just at the floor in front of her. She seemed kind of odd in a way. She seemed out of it, like she was in a trance.

"Does that mean you're coming back home?" he asked.

"I haven't decided that yet." She said.

He looked down for a moment. His heart sank a bit hearing her say that. He wanted to ask her to just come back home but he felt like it would build up into another fight.

"You put it up." she said.

He looked at her.

"I've been coming here for a month to pick up clothes, you never touched his stuff. You cleaned it up." she clarified what she was talking about.

He knew, now that she knew about Sammy, that she wanted to talk about it. He knew after that big fight it was unavoidable. He didn't want to push her further away he just couldn't bring himself to talk about Sammy. He didn't even want to think about him, his cries were always in his head, his face was always in his dreams. He had been gone for nine months, the same amount of time that he had lived was now the same amount of time that he was gone. He didn't want to talk about Sammy.

"Yeah." he said lowly.

"Did you throw it away?" she asked.

"No. I just- packed it up." he said.

"Where did you put it?" she asked.

"In his room."

"Do you still go in there?"

"No- I've been busy." he said.

She shook her head.

"Chase. Sammy's dead." she said looking up at him.

He looked at her like he really didn't need the reminder. He didn't even know why she said it, it wasn't like he was unaware of the fact. It wasn't like he wasn't feeling like shit everyday for nothing. He knew he was dead.

"You wouldn't even look at his picture and you're telling me you packed up his things and put it in his room. Just like that?" she said.

"I hired someone to pack them up but they're in his room." he admitted.

"Why won't you look at him? Why won't you acknowledge it? What's going on with you?"

"Y/n I really don't want to do this right now will you please just come back home?" he said.

"No. No, I'm not coming back to the person that you are." she looked away from him.

"What are you saying? I'm still Chase." he said.

"No you're like a former version of the person I married and fell in love with. Look I may not remember everything but I remember enough about how I felt about you. I remember how excited you were when you found out I was pregnant-"

"Y/n stop." He looked away.

"You not talking about this is the reason I left Chase, why can't you see that? You not acknowledging that our son is gone and you lying to me about who he was - none of that protected me it hurt me more. I'm trying so hard to get in your head and to understand what you're feeling but you've got this giant ass wall up that I can't seem to break through? Will leaving you do anything? Or will you close up more? Are we just not ment to be together? "

"Don't say that." he said looking at her shocked.

She shrugged,

"Maybe that's what you've been thinking all this time. When you lost everything, maybe you've been pushing me out and pushing me away because you don't want this to last."

"Shut up! Who put that into your head? Are you insane Y/n? You're the only woman in this world I love. I would die for you, don't you know that? I can't stand being away from you like this. I couldn't stand it when you were in the hospital. Everyday I came by to see you. Everyday I begged for you to wake up and baby girl I was so happy when you came back to me I couldn't lose you too. " He said.

"You are losing me Chase. I'm slipping away and the more you refuse to talk about it, the more you push me out of your heart the more I start to believe that maybe all the things you're saying are just words. Pretty lies painted for my benefit but in the end I still fall." She said

He looked down for a second and wiped his face.

"What do you want me to do?" he said.

"Tell me how you feel Chase." She said trying to fight tears.

"I feel- weighed down. I feel like I'm drowning Y/n. You don't know how much I miss him. I miss his cries in the middle of the night. I miss the way he laughed when you tickled his stomach or the way he grabbed onto my ear when I held him. I miss the way he tried to walk around and he stumbled. I miss him Y/n. I miss Sammy. I just want our son back, I want our life back." He said crying himself.

"You beating the life out of a lifeless object isn't going to help Cha Cha. Sammy isn't coming back we both have to accept that."

"I can't. I can't because you didn't even want to be pregnant. You didn't want a kid but when you found out, during your whole pregnancy I was there for you and I promised you I would protect you but that fucking asshole hit us. He took everything away from us!" He yelled.

She was crying and slipped off her seat to come crawl between his legs. She placed her hands on his knees while he wiped his eyes. He was just over whelmed by the pain he'd been ignoring for months that she was pulling out of him. He thought it wasn't right to put all of this on her but damn he needed her so bad. Not in the sexual sense but her physical presence and her dragging it out of him, he needed her. He needed her to help him get this weight off his shoulders.

She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and his arms came around her body to hug her tightly. His hand pet the back of her head softly.

"Everything is falling apart. I can't keep up. I couldn't save him, I couldn't save you. Everything is just crashing down Y/n."

"You saved me a long time ago. When I wanted to give up, when I didn't think it was worth falling in love again. Everything Cody took from me you gave it back Cha Cha. Five years ago you saved me. Let me save you." she said.

She pulled away to cradle his face in her hands. She sniffled a little, her eyes were just as wet as his and she stood up to kiss his forehead. He wrapped his arms around her body and pressed his ear up against her stomach. He stayed there for a little bit calming down. He found so much comfort in her body, his face by her stomach, her hands on his shoulders.

"I love you Chase." She whispered.

"I love you too Y/n." he said.

"Stop blaming yourself for things you have no control over. You know it wasn't your fault Chase."

"I don't know what to do."

"When I was pregnant the first time you promised to protect me and Sammy, you did that. Something's are out of our control. I'm not saying it's fair- I'm not saying it's right but- we can't stop living. Empires fall sometimes- we'll just have to build ours back up." She said.

He nuzzled his face into her stomach. He felt calmer somehow.

"Come home." He said kissing her stomach.

"I am." she whispered.

It wasn't like everything was solved but he felt a huge weight lifted from his shoulders. He'd done what he'd been wanting to do for a while and just leaned on her. He wanted to tell her how he was feeling, he wanted to be honest; he was crumbling under the pressure. He pulled away from her so she didn't have to deal with that. He thought he was saving her but the truth was she saved him. She was saving him now, he was holding her. His hands ran up and down her back slowly, wrinkling her shirt then smoothing it out again.

"Why did you say the first time you were pregnant?" he asked.

"Because there's a second time." she said.

He looked up at her and she gave him a small smile and put her hands to her stomach. His eyes got wider and he looked completely shocked. He looked down at her hands and then up at her. His hand washed over his mouth, he was stunned. They had been sleeping together and he hadn't used a condom. Multiple times he'd released inside her, he shouldn't have been surprised but he was. She was pregnant again. He grabbed her by the hips and he peppered kisses all over her stomach. Her hands raked through his hair as he continued to plant kisses on her stomach. When her hands met his shoulders again, he yanked her on top of his lap so that he could kiss her lips.

"I'll take care of you babygirl I promise. I promise." he said kissing her face.

"Take care of yourself first Cha Cha. It's okay, this baby is going to need a father that isn't stressed out and over whelmed by grief. Mourn the loss like you're supposed to and when you're ready we'll celebrate this life like we need to. Okay?" she said.

"Five years ago Jay forced me to go on a blind date with his girlfriend's best friend and when I showed up I was surprised to see the most beautiful girl I'd ever have the pleasure of meeting. Everytime I look at you I thank God you were that girl. With everything in me, I love you from beginning to end."

"And everywhere in between." she finished for him.

"I love you. I love this baby. I love you so much." He said.

He kissed her neck up to her jaw bone and cheek. He kissed her lips and her nose, her forehead, everywhere his lips could reach. She straddled his lap and he pulled her closer to his chest to hug her. He just continued to whisper how much he loved her.....

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finally getting to the core of the broken.. I love this story πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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