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Scarlet University Chapter 7

(Short Chapter)

*Taehyung's perspective*

I could feel that today wasn't going to be a good day and sadly I was correct. I mean its one to thing to have your friends explain to you that you have been mark by the most Ruthless vampire there is. But when you ended up on top of a campus while that same ruthless vampire who mark you, is now drinking you blood.

Then after my lovely time with Mr. Ruthless, I manage to make it to my Fine Arts course and I was prepare to get scolded for being late but for some strange reason Mr. Jung just looked at me with pity and told me to take a seat next to a group of people I don't know. I wanted to ask him why but didn't, I just quietly took my seat next to these strangers. I thought they would leave me be and go on talk about random gossip. But the thing is... they didn't.

"Hoseok oppa is so lucky!" The Purple haired girl said

"I know right? He is so cute!" A black haired girl said and she had that annoying high pitch voice that could make you lose your hearing.

"Damn I wished Hoseok didn't marked him, I would love to have a taste" A light brown guy said while looking me up and down.

Scared was a understatement for what I was feeling right now. All I could do was looking away from them and tried to focus on Mr. Jung lesson. I was preying for class to end already but it felt like class was ending any time soon.

"Aww he looks so cute when he is scared" the light brown haired guy said and was smirking at me.

"Maybe we can I have some fun later on Cutie~" Purple haired girl said as she winked at me and cold feel chills running down my spine.

"I want to play with the cutie too!" Black haired girl said and god her high pitch voice is so annoying.

"Guys you stop messing with Hoseok property who he will kill you" a guy with sliverish hair said and just like that they stop bothering me.

I finally felt like I could breath and I focus the rest of Mr. Jung's lesson. It was rather peaceful and I was so focus on the lesson that I didn't realize class ended. I was shocked that it went by so fast but I just started packing up my things. I was ready to leave till that group of people grabbed and dragged me away.

"Relax kid" Sliverish hair guy said as he notices I was going to have a panic attack. They dragged me to the roof and sat down on the ground. I was confused as to why they brought me hear.

"I notice you kinda pale and I heard you stomach growling in class" sliverish hair guy said then point to the food that was now in front of me.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked as stared at the food then back to him. He stared at me then pointed to his neck and I knew he was referring to the mark on my neck.

"He marked you so its my job to take care of you" Sliverish haired guy said as pointed to the food again "so eat the food already."

I stare at him with a confused look then back at the food. I hear him sigh "my name is Suho" sliverish haird guy said. I was surprised by the sudden introduction.

"Taehyung" I said quietly and stared at the food. I guess it would hurt to try it I thought to myself. I ate one bite of the food and i thought I was in heaven. I devour all the food and I finally glad I ate some actually food for once.

"feel better now?" Suho asked as notice me smile like a idiot. I nodded my head and thanked him.

"Looks it time for Singing class" Suho said as he got up from the ground. He stuck his hand out and grab it. He help me up and I thanked he again.

As we walked to the Singing Course building, I was thinking about how weird today has been. But I guess meeting Suho wasn't so Bad, he still slightly scares me though. I just don't understand what he meant by He marked you, so its my job to take care of you. I still can't believe so  many things have happen to me and it barely been a week. I just hope to god or someone to let me live my sophomore year peaceful. But sadly I can already tell my wish will not be granted.

A/N: I hoped you guys enjoyed chapter 7 of Scarlet University and I hope you will leave some feedback for me!

A/N: sorry for the slowly update and short chapter everyone
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Short but good! Can't wait for the next chapter.
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