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So, I went back on Amino, and I found the CUTEST BLOG EVER!!!
I literally HAD to ask if I can post it here! ^^
If you've seen my 'How To Spot A BTS Stan' card, you know I did ask permission. Which I have done again!! ↓

She's literally so cute and sweet! She's the creator of this content, and it's just too adorable. ╥﹏╥

Please go check her out if you have Amino!! ^^

I will use the same pictures and information. I will only change presentation.


After investigating culprit Min Yoongi, a.k.a Suga, on May 13th, the court was charged with another trial.
We believe that the following suspects work together with culprit Min Yoongi, in a gang called BTS.

Alleged Crime: Stalking ARMY's

Suspect #1 - Min Yoongi a.k.a Suga
Mr. Min, you are being accused of openly stalking complainant ARMY's, I quote: "on social media and on the streets."
What do you have to say for your defense?
Mr. Min, please act professional. Everything you say can be brought against you.
If Mr. Min does not have anything more to say, I present you the evidences:
1. Here we have defendant Min Yoongi openly telling the complainant ARMY that he had been stalking them on popular social media, Twitter.

2. After the 3rd Muster Fan Meeting event, ARMY's cleaned up the concert hall, action which Mr. Min is aware of. He, again, openly, talked about it on Fan Cafe, saying that he was greatful.

Suspect #2 - Park Jimin a.k.a Chimchim
Mr. Park, you are being accused of stalking ARMY's on popular Naver broadcasting app, V Live.
What do you have to say for your defense?
Mr. Park, if you do not have something to say, then we will proceed with the evidence.
Here, we have defendant Park Jimin, discussing with the other members of the gang about how he stalked ARMY's on the said popular V app.

Suspect #3 - Jungkook a.k.a Kookie
Mr. Jeon, you are being accused of stalking ARMY's on various social media platforms, reading the theories made by them.
What do you have to say for your defense?
Mr. Jeon, we are not playing here. Please take a seat back at your place.
Regarding Mr. Jeons alleged crime, we came with this audio evidence of him saying:
"I often pay attention to theories about our music videos. There's quite a lot of clever people out there. There were so many people who got it correct to the point where I started thinking "How do you know about this?" Some even made interpretations that even we didn't know about."

Suspect #4 - Kim Namjoon a.k.a Rap Monster
Mr. Kim, you are being accused of stalking complainant ARMY on popular social media, Twitter. In addition, Mr. Kim has been found working with defendant Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook on their respective alleged crimes.
Mr. Kim, among hearing this, what do you have to say for your defense?
We understand your feelings, but crying now is too late, Mr. Kim. Here we have some evidence:
This was a video ;-;
Here, we have defendant Kim Namjoon, saying how he has seen ARMY's doing the same pose as them during popular monthly event on Twitter, ARMY Selca Day.
If the defendants do not have anything to say, we will close now the trial and wait for their respective sentences from our judges.

We also believe that there are other three culprits in this gang, BTS, called Kim Taehyung, Kim Seokjin, and Jung Hoseok. We will proceed to investigate them further—
Woah woah! Mr. Min, please behave yourself or we will call the cops!

Thank you for reading until the end! ^^ Like I said, I thought this was the cutest thing ever, and I just had to make a card of it. XD People out there are just so creative! It's unfair! ╥﹏╥

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this is so adorable I'm dying
Literally same.
we been stalk!!! the stalkerest stalker who stalk stalker in stalking game....😂