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This honestly had me in tears for like five minutes...
Gifs made by me. Not the message.
Credit to the maker of the video.

I would write something long and cringe-worthy, but... *currently ugly crying*

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I'm so close to tears omg. I have some pretty bad anxiety. and just thinking about BTS calms me. like just thinking about a funny BTS video I've seen has helped me during a panic attack. when I go into a store or a restaurant and it's really really loud. a get sensory overload almost every time. and just listening to a BTS song will stop a panic attack no matter how bad. listening to their voices it's so calming. (even when they are screaming xD) in the very short amount of time that I've been with this fandom (really we aren't even a fandom we are a family) BTS and this whole family has done so much for me. everyone has been so kind. this family is amazing and I love you guys very much. I hate that I sometimes feel embarrassed for liking this music. nobody should ever be embarrassed about liking this. this music is amazing. these people are amazing ❀
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a lot of groups can be added to this list and to many that are to blind to see what these groups go through to achieve each level of greatness is astounding they helped my daughter through some tough times but it wasn't only them it was a combination but she does hold BTS in high regard. so for BTS and all the groups whatever language it is we all want to say thank you and from this mother thank you from the bottom of my heart
i wish BTS could see some of the love and appreciation we give them, this card for example, all of everything we make, i mean i hope i speak for everyone when i say this, but these 7 boys are our world, happyness, and heros, i was in deep depression, and my best friend made me watch the MV to Run and my world changed. people can say what flotes there boat, but the love BTS gives us ARMY will never ever end, and vice versa, but haters will never understand what they did for us, and they never will, BTS x ARMY Forever~❀❀❀❀
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@Addixtion Thank uπŸ’•πŸ’•
What worng with ppl this days, dey just hatteinπŸ˜•
I actually almost cried seeing this card 😒😒 BTS has gotten me through so many tough times with their lyrics and personalities. We, ARMYs and BTS, are family. I have met some of the nicest people who are now my best friends, and I know that I would have never met them if it wasn't for our boys. We have smiled, cried, laughed, and bonded with each other, and it is just as the members always tells us. "If we are together, we can smile." I see no reason why antis would want to put in the time and effort to try and take away anyone's smiles. Wouldn't everyone's lives be better if we all could smile? Like, ok, maybe BTS isn't your style. that's fine, but u have no need to make hurtful comments especially when u know that the members themselves read our comments. I have had suicidal thoughts and thanks to the wonderful members of BTS and my fellow ARMY, I was able to overcome those thoughts. To any antis that might read this, there are things that make people happy and unhappy. BTS is what makes ARMYs happy, and we are what make them happy. If BTS doesn't make you happy, go find something else that does instead of wasting your time trying to steal the happiness of others. We don't care what you think of our boys as long as you keep it to yourself. The members read comments, tweets, etc. and they will be hurt by words just like any other human. But either way, thank you to all the BTS members and ARMY for making such a happy family I hope that we continue to be the happy family we are forever πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
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thanks and I really hope that this message gets out to the antis cause they really need to realize that they r wasting their life that could be spent happily instead of being used to bring others sadness