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To ARMY's and Anti's...

This honestly had me in tears for like five minutes...
Gifs made by me. Not the message.
Credit to the maker of the video.

I would write something long and cringe-worthy, but... *currently ugly crying*

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I have really bad Social Anxiety and bipolar depression. Sometimes I would yell at my parents and ignore my friends when I wanted to do was laugh and joke around with but I couldn't. My brain would tell me to be mad at them to be upset with them and it would make my heart hurt because I couldn't control my own emotions and thoughts anymore to the point where I was hurting the people I love so much. I can't make friends easily either. I start crying and feeling like throwing up because the fear of speaking to another human being that I had just met was scary to me. Bts helped me slowly get through this. When I listened to them I could control my emotions easier, I would be happy, smiling, and laughing more because of them. They made me a better person. I still can't get passes my Social Anxiety but what matters to me is that I'm not hurting the people I love anymore. So when people say those mean and hurtful things about Bts it hurts me so much. They don't seem to understand just how much Bts matters to us, to Army, to the people that love them. They helped me through so much, I just want to be able to do the same for them and protect the and defend them against antis and hate..
@Addixtion @YiselRamos @YiselRamos I love BTS so much I suffer from depression and bipolar as well and I agree it's very hard to deal with sometimes. But watching BTS and knowing their struggles makes me put mine to the back, and concentrate more on My Boyz. They have come So far since day one, when I became a true loyal fan, from where they started. And the fact of knowing how they hurt, and struggled then, And kept going never giving up or giving in to the Hate and ridicule only made me love them more. And the level of Respect that I have for them as a whole is remarkable, I can't imagine this much respect for people whom I don't even know. I agree, when someone is bullying them, any of them, it just makes me so Angry! Because they all are nothing but good, sensitive, loving Hard working Men. Who just want to share their talents and love with the people who love them. And I am 1 of those people and I feel a need to protect them when people hate on them. BTS ❤ are more than just a Kpop group they are Brothers, insperations to millions, hope for each other and us, unstoppable talent, goal seekers, goal achievers, multi gifted young Men who keep climbing even when they think it may be the top. People say that they've peaked but they wouldn't say that if they really knew them. They don't see a stopping point and I believe in BTS ❤ this is why I love BTS, their integrity and their will power. This is why I can keep going they show me how. I love BTS and honestly they are my saviors, if it wasn't for them my mind would always say negative stuff to me, and put me down. So Yesss!! BTS is all that 🙂 and that makes me a proud loyal Fan, only Army when they're not being destructive to other Groups who work hard to make it to. I get Army's defending yes by all means, but tearing down another group No that I can't see, or stand. Sorry if this sounds like a bunch of gibberish
@dbales3404 I've never agreed with anything more. 😭 Thank you for sharing.
@Addixtion You are welcome, Thank you for reading
These boys mean the entire world to me.♡ I don't feel comfortable talking about what i was going through, but these boys def helped me smile again, become excited again, have something to look forward to once again. They give their fans unconditional love and i think that's the key.. haters can hate all they want but as long as ARMY are here and love them 1000xs more than they love us im sure they won't even pay attention to the anti's.☺ BTS x ARMY Forever~♡♡♡♡♡♡
Leadernim... *ugly cries* 😭😭😭
*Ugly cries with you ♡* 😭
Damn right fuckin antis I've become so much more since I've discovered these groups and songs. nothing can ever compare to the emotions they bring me, not even my own family and friends. Believe it or not, people like them are the biggest reason why I decide to make better decisions. I am confidently able to call myself a better person, I am more considerate than I used to be, and I try to look at the bright side in bad situations or think about how they would do in that situation and it makes me make the better decision. I love these boys, I love this kind of music, the meanings and emotions and I wish people who didn't would just stay out of it instead of spread harmful thoughts and go so against them. why do people have to be so hateful? 😔
Because people are shitheads. Basically. ;-;
@Addixtion pretty much sums it up unfortunately😧
I'm so close to tears omg. I have some pretty bad anxiety. and just thinking about BTS calms me. like just thinking about a funny BTS video I've seen has helped me during a panic attack. when I go into a store or a restaurant and it's really really loud. a get sensory overload almost every time. and just listening to a BTS song will stop a panic attack no matter how bad. listening to their voices it's so calming. (even when they are screaming xD) in the very short amount of time that I've been with this fandom (really we aren't even a fandom we are a family) BTS and this whole family has done so much for me. everyone has been so kind. this family is amazing and I love you guys very much. I hate that I sometimes feel embarrassed for liking this music. nobody should ever be embarrassed about liking this. this music is amazing. these people are amazing ❤
Oml this comment alone has me tearing up.
I am really new to kpop, but I have immediately fallen in love with it. BTS has wonderful songs and if people would actually look up the lyrics they would see that they are full of meaning. BTS and other groups were introduced to me by a friend and at a very important time when I needed songs like this, when I needed a way to make new friends, and I also feel very welcomed in the kpop community. People literally just hate them because they sing in Korean or because they wear make up or dye their hair. They don't bother to get to know anything about them or give their music a chance. And it sucks. I've have had my own family tell me I have horrible tastes in music. We know how hard these boys work and we know they care about army and we care about them. In the end supporting each other is all that matters.
Couldn't have been explained better. 😭😭👏🏻👏🏻
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