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Hiro Mashima is such a troll... it was a fucking dream 😂😂😂... Lucy remembering all of those moments at the end though😭! My favorite part was how he included all of the couples and he did make them canon from what I saw😏... I can't wait for his next project! Hopefully he does something based off FT!
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What was the point for Gruvia becoming cannon if he's going to leave on a 100 year mission without her?!?!?!
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9&10 pages up from the end
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I want to see more people end up with eachother I wanted to see Wendy have someone. and end with a bombshell like that. going on a century qest. I want to see it. It should have ended with natsu and lucy's children going on their first job.
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I wanted more ships to happen then of Gruvia and Gale....I hope they'll be more like in the feature because I don't think this ended even thou he said he is done
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I'm just going to believe that NaLu and JellalxErza happened. Although I'm happy that Gruvia happened!!! Sweet😊 Also Gale has been my otp for a very long time!!!
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