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Hello Royal Family! For OneJunn Tuesday, I bring you a story. A story of being with OneJunn for a day. Let's begin....

OneJunn is coming over and you will be spending the together. You wonder why it has to be at 5am, but you are so excited you really not worried about the time. He tells you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. He gets to the door and you noticed that he is dressed in workout clothes.
You realize that you will be going to the gym, no wonder he wanted to be there at 5am. You are okay with this since he is just to cute to pass up the chance to see him work out. After working out you guys take showers and get dressed to go to breakfast.
After breakfast you go back to his dorm and he shows you around and shows you how cute he can be..he is just so adorable.
You guys hang out to watch movies, play video games and just relax. What a great day with OneJunn! I hope you enjoyed, stay Royal!

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What a great way to spend the day with your bias 😍