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Topp Dogg Topp Klass

Hello Topp Klass! I would like everyone to congradulate this week winner @destiny1419 as Topp Klass member! You will be entered in our end of the quarter surprise drawing! In the mean time, please tells us is you would like spam, wallpaper, oneshot or a day for your bias! Again congradulations! Now who will be the Topp Klass member for next week? Will it be you!? Remember all you have to do is like, comment, clip and join in all the fun! Until next time stay Klassy!
If you would like to be tagged or untagged, please comment below.
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Yay! I think a BJoo day would be great , share the love 😊
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@sukkyongwanser whatever day is best for you 😊 I don't mind
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