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Hello Honey10! It's Melissa with my Up10tion group and mod support Introduction. I'm fairly new to the group. I've heard of them before but not in depth like their names or positions. So for this Quarter, I'm fortune enough to get a chance to support the whole group. Thank you @starbell808 for letting me join your mod support team. I'll be learning and appreciating Up10tion more every Saturday. Let's start with who is Up10tion...

Up10tion (업텐션) Debut (Y.M.D): 15.09.11 Label: T.O.P Media Music Videos (Official Videos): So Dangerous (위험해), Come As You Are (그대로), Catch Me! (여기여기 붙어라), Attention (나한테만 집중해), Tonight (오늘이 딱이야 [夜半逃走]), White Night (하얗게 불태웠어), Runner (시작해) Discography: Top Secret (일급비밀 [一級秘密}]), Bravo, Spotlight, Summer Go!, Burst, Star;dom Fan Club: Honey10
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UP10TION (Hangul: 업텐션; pronounced "up-tension") is a South Korean boy group formed by TOP Media in 2015. The group consists of ten members: Jinhoo, Kuhn, Kogyeol, Wei, Bitto, Wooshin, Sunyoul, Gyujin, Hwanhee, and Xiao. The group debuted with a mini album, Top Secret. Their official fan club name is HONEY10.
2015: Pre-debut Edit On July 2015, each members of UP10TION made their debut and were introduced one by one through their show Masked Rookie King, also known as King of Masked Rookie UP10TION, which is a parody of MBC's King of Mask Singer.[1] The members competed and showed their abilities and charms while wearing a mask in front of a panel of judges. Those that were selected by the judges will be able to take off their mask. The panel of judges were Shinhwa's Andy, Teen Top's Chunji, and 100%'s Rokhyun and Chanyong. The first member that was introduced was Wooshin and he was described to be a look-alike of the actor Park Bo-Gum. The second and third member was Jinhoo and Hwanhee. The fourth member was Bit-to with a deep soulful voice and the fifth was Kogyeol with a powerful and emotional vocal. The sixth and seventh member were Kuhn and Sunyoul who both have a charming visual and voice. The ten-member group was finally introduced with its latest members Wei, Gyujin, and Xiao.

2015: Debut with Top Secret and BRAVO! Edit On September 9, UP10TION held a debut showcase at AX Concert Hall in Seoul. UP10TION's debut mini album Top Secret, which includes the debut single "So, Dangerous," was released on September 11, 2015.[2] The album debut at number 9 and peaked at number 7 on Gaon Album Chart.[3][4] They made their official music program debut on September 10 through Mnet's M! Countdown, performing their debut single "So, Dangerous."[5] They also had their debut album showcase in Beijing, China on September 22.[6] The "So, Dangerous" music video was ranked 9th place in Billboard's Most Viewed K-pop Videos in America for the month of September 2015.[7] On November 26, UP10TION released their second mini album BRAVO! with the lead single "Catch me!" which was produced by Iggy and Yong Bae, who produced Ailee′s Heaven and GFriend′s Me Gustas Tu. It also includes the track Party2nite which was written and composed by Teen Top's Changjo.[8][9] The album peaked at number 5 on Gaon Album Chart.[10]
2016: Spotlight and Summer Go! Edit After a three-month hiatus, UP10TION released their third mini album Spotlight with the title track "Attention" on April 18.[11][12] On May 2016, TOP Media confirmed that UP10TION will hold their Japanese debut showcase in Tokyo on June 4, followed by a showcase at the Osaka River Forum on June 5.[13] On August 5, UP10TION returned with a fourth mini album to highlight the Summer, ergo entitled Summer Go!.[14] The official music video for the title track "Tonight" was released on the same day, expressing a 'chilled out and party like' atmosphere. Later in 2016, UP10TION released their 5th mini album BURST with the title track as "White Night." UP10TION released their teaser photos claiming that they were dropping their "cute concept" and going back to the original "manly" concept. BURST was released at 00.30 KST on November 21, 2016, after announcing a 30-minute delay from releasing the album at its original midnight time.

2017 - present: Japanese Debut, BURST and Wooshin's hiatus Edit Up10TION released their Japan Debut Single 『ID(アイディー)』on February 27th, 2017[15] On June 6th, 2017, TOP Media issued a statement regarding Wooshin's hiatus[16]. It was stated that his psychological condition had worsened due to the mental stress that he has been receiving since the end of last year. The date coincides with a controversy that happened between him and his "The Show" co-host, Jeon So-mi, where he had allegedly placed his hand near Somi's chest area during a video released for Christmas. The video had stirred an uproar among the fans, and thus many negative comments were directed at Wooshin. There were official statements released by both parties' agencies[17] and the production staff from "The Show"[18]. However, that did not stop some netizens from abhorring Wooshin. Although there was no indication of how long the hiatus would be, TOP Media subsequently ended off the statement by announcing UP10TION's comeback as nine members. Six days later, a Comeback Schedule was released on their official Twitter[19]. This comeback was due to be on June 29th, 2017. credit source:

Now for my support Introduction
My name is Melissa. I'm leader for Boys Republic Community. I was born and raised in Texas. I currently live in Waco,TX. I work for manufacturing plant called Trane in McGregor, TX. I've been working there now 17 years. I'm a multi-fan in multiple fandom which has lead me into supporting many groups. My ultimate bias is Sunwoo from Boys Republic. My Up10tion bias is the leader, Jinhoo.
My hobbies include reading, crotcheting, photo editing and I even dabble in writing fan fiction. I love watching dramas. They can be Korean, Thai, Twain or even Chinese. I love watching them so much, I barely watch regular TV shows. There is one thing I love more then kpop, and that's WWE wrestling! I've been a fan most of my life.
Fin Balor is my current favorite WWE superstar.
Well that's basically who I am. If you have a question about me, please don't hesitate to ask me.
As for Up10tion, stay tuned every Saturday to learn and appreciate the group more with me.
Please comment if you would like to be on Honey10 tag list.
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@Starbell808 Thank you! : )
i love it