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... And idk what to do with my life now...

The Best Hit has finished... and I'm an emotional mess...

This drama has moved its way up to one of my favorite Kdramas... I seriously loved it so much!

If you haven't watched it... GO! Watch it! It's done airing... YO you can marathon it now!

and not torture yourself like I did week after week *cries*


Thanks to this show I appreciate head bands and bandanas SOOOOOO much more now!

Tae with a bandana is like heaven to me right now ♡_♡

Any suggestions on what I should watch now?


I need to watch that drama now. You know you can always watching again. I do that all the time with dramas I love.
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haha i will one day.... maybe 🤔😂😂😂😂
5 months ago
I liked it...and I adore Yoon Si Yoon, Min Jae, and Eunwoo.
5 months ago·Reply
I love Da Bong! He was my favorite. I also loved MJ! Cha Eunwoo was great! The drama ended beautifully ❤️❤️
5 months ago·Reply
Im so happy with the ending 😍😍
5 months ago
what's the name of the kdrama! it looks very interesting....
5 months ago·Reply
The Best Hit... 😄😄
5 months ago
I'm in the middle of watching Master: God of Noodles. It's okay.
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Yay! 😊
5 months ago