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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length:  2376 words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: I was meant to keep you safe not to fall in love with you.

Part 12

Yoongi's Pov:

“Can't I talk to my girlfriend?” Yoongi could feel himself heat up and started to walked to the others.

  Moon turned around and saw him there said something to the two and then the other guy grabbed her by the hand leading her to a table across the dining room leaving Seo Joon to sit with the guys. Hyungsik later came down as well, probably woke him up when I woke up Jungkook.

 He was glaring at the man with Moon. If they weren't on tour and he wasn't in the middle of a hangover he'd beat the shit out of the guy.  He saw her start getting mad. The guy was really pissed at whatever she said too. After a while of the two arguing and she stood up walking to the table. That's my girl.

“You're still my girl Moon!” He yelled running after her once she was already here. His?!?

“Actually.” Yoongi watched as she grabbed Seo Joons collar “I'm his.” She kissed his cheek as he snaked his arm around her waist. “Bye So Jung.”

He stormed off, when she turned around her cheek flushed red Seo Joon let his arm fall from her waist and sat down dazed. She fucking kissed him and not fucking me?!? She's dating this piece of shit! I knew something wa sup on that fucking plane ride, no wonder she's sharing a fucking room, and bed with him.

She sat down on Seo Joons lap, Yoongi couldn't handle it and stood up walking away pushing past Jungkook. He went to his room and sat down. Thinking, contemplating. What the hell am I supposed to do? I should've told her sooner! God damnit!

 Jungkook ended up coming in and sitting next to Yoongi. In shock too. He must of seen moon on Seo Joons lap. He has no idea what he missed.

“You saw her too?” Yoongi asked Jungkook nodded his head. “Jungkook I know you like her...I-I don't know how I feel about her anymore.”

“Hyung you like her, that's why you're up here and not down there. If you didn't like her you wouldn't have been fazed by seeing her in his lap.” Smartass least he was right. Then they heard the door open.

“Yoongi hyung!” Taehyung came in. “Namjoon hyung told me to tell you Moon’s not really with her body guard, Seo Joon.”

“What do you mean? You saw what she did and heard what she said.” Yoongi was confused.

“What'd she do?” Jungkook asked.

“She was talking to a guy and then kissed Seo Joon to make him leave.” Yoongi spat.

“That was an old idol she worked for and he has a thing for her and she used Seo Joon to make him leave.” Tae explained.

 Yoongi could feel his chest relax form relief. That was so quick and just the thought of her being with someone else had him in a rage. He was on the verge of tears from just the thought of her being with someone else.

 He didn't like Moon. He loves her but can't tell her because he knows she lied...but she did tell him the truth later on. He was son conflicted on the matter and didn't know how to handle it. The whole day he ignored her but he need proof that she was a good person. He slightly started having the guys ask her to do stuff for him.  

 She did them but he needed more, after the day he decided to take a nap and relax while the others left.

Y/N’s Pov:

“Daisy?!?” You said standing up hugging her.

“What are you doing here?” Seo Joon asked doing the same.

“Well once you left boss had a mission for me to help someone here. I didn't think I'd see you guys here.” She sat down with the two of you. “I'm helping out these girls on a case they've been on for about a year.”

“Oh yeah every case that last over a year they send back up then interrogate everyone.” Seo Joon said standing up.

“Where are you going? I just got here!” Daisy asked.

“Meeting an old friend, I'll see you back at the hotel y/n.” He left. “So where’s the boy group?”

“Hotel with Hyungsik.” You gave her your coffee. “Him and Jungkook share a bed till we hit the tour bus next week.”

“Aww, he's kinda cute you know…” you rolled your eyes.

“Yes Hyungsik has that charm, huh?” You laughed.

“I was actually talking about Jungkook…” you calmly took the coffee from her and took a drink then spit it on her. “Ewww y/n!”

“You know he's like the youngest right!” You whisper but yelled.

“Shut up he's a year younger than me...and he's cute…” she played with her cup. “And from at you've told me...he's really sweet”

“I honestly think. You might have lost it.” You looked at her crazy.

“He's not one of my clients...he's one of yours...and well~” she smiled.

“Oh no no no no no I am not setting you up with Jungkookie. What am I supposed to tell him Daisy?!”

“That I'm your neighbor and we hangout together the three of us.” You rolled your eyes. “Please!”

“No, then what's gonna happen when the case is over?” She frowned. “They don't know who we really are now come on.”

“Where are we going?” She asked leaving the cup.

“To get your poor broken heart some ice cream-” you bumped into someone walking backwards. “Oops my ba- Kookie?!?”

“I'm sorry Y/n, I saw Seo Joon leave and-” he stopped talking when he saw my facial expression. “Are you ok?”

 You shut your eyes and turned your head to Daisy when you opened her face was in shock.

“Did he just call you?” You and him nodded in shock. “He knows who you really are?” You nodded. “Does this mean I can date him?”

 Jungkook looked at you like wait what? You sighed and decided to take her and Jungkook to the ice cream shop two streets down.

“So he's known since the third day?” You nodded. “And now he knows about the guys, and me?” You nodded. “But the others don't?”

“No and we’re keeping it that way. I know for sure he's not the one the suspects after.” She nodded. Jungkook kept quiet and just kept staring at her. “Jungkook? Are you ok?”

“She reminds me of you so much...but she's still so different.” He bit his lip.

“Is that different a bad thing…?” Daisy asked.

“No…” he was full on examining her. “A good way.”

“Right? Anyway Daisy you can't tell the guys ESPECIALLY Seo Joon.” She frowned.

“I won't don't worry. But!” You rolled your eyes.

“But what?” You asked.

“You have to let me at least have a chance with uh...someone…” she blushed and heald out her hand for you to shake.

“Deal” you took it.

“A chance with who?!” You and her laughed. “Hey what's so funny!?”

 After we ate she gave Jungkook her number and they started talking. The guys decided that we all go to the club again and I invited her. Yoongi wasn't drinking as much as he did that night before, he was way more sober.

 Daisy had a lot of club dresses and lent me one it was actually something I wouldn't mind wearing. It was a knee height dress with a slit on the side. Her and I wear the same sizes shoes so she gave me a pair of red heels to match.

 She actually was the one that decided to invite Jungkook and we invited the rest of Bts. The guys liked Daisy and Jungkook and her were talking practically all night. At one point she just straight up sat on his lap letting him wrap his arms around her.

 Yoongi had his eyes on me all night. Well if we're being completely honest all the guys did, now I really don't want to brag but the dress really flattered me. Bangtang was stairing, the guys were stairing, strangers at the club, even the bartenders.

 Hyungsik and Seo Joon were with me all night and if a guy tried flirting with me they'd back me up. Which happened a couple times, if only they knew we were officers. Then again if they knew we'd all probably get fired.

 We all just had a really fun time and by the end of the night nobody was drunk and we could all walk. We were somewhat tipsy but nothing to bad. We had fun on our last night off here.

 You said bye to Daisy and chilled with the guys. Jungkook went to Tae’s and Jimin's room while we talked. Hyungsik and Seo Joon were really happy to see Daisy. I think the last time we all went clubbing was after our training was finished before our first mission.

 It was nice having her here for a while and she already told me she'd call me every night and if I tried lying to her about being ok she'd be over in a heartbeat. She's been there since you lost your dad along with the guys. They're my family not just a team.

 You and the guys stopped talking when Jungkook came back in. Sometimes I wish never told him…and I never would've told someone about this...but I got so close to him, and I really couldn't try lying my way out of that. He heard everything and saw everything.

 None of that mattered right now. Once I finish this mission I won't need to fool them, but Yoongi...I still don't know how I feel about not telling him and I don't know why he has such a pull on me. He just has something he is something that no matter how much I try I still can't explain.

 I just want them safe and back to how they were, they'll go back to normal after I'm done and won't need to worry.  They won't have to worry about each other...I won't have to worry about the boys I've come to love...I'm sorry for trying to hate them. I'm sorry for not seeing that they' friends.

 You woke up and you were asleep on the desk. Shit! You got up and ran to the guys down the hall seeing that no one was in your room. You unlocked all the guys doors but no one was there.

“Where the hell are they?” You ran down stairs and you saw Yoongi. “NO!”

 You ran to see his lifeless body on the floor cold and pale. He was covered in blood and a knife was logged in his arm.

“YOONGI!” You screamed putting up his head resting it on your lap to look at him. “NO! Yoongi! Please!”

 You looked at him and grabbed him trying to shake him awake. Closing your eyes not being able to take his face. Why won't he wake up?! How did this happen?!Please! Yoongi! Seo Joon! Hyungsik Daisy! Please!

“Please!” You opened your eyes and you were back in your bed.

“Moon what's wrong?” Seo Joon asked when you looked at him he had his gun in his hand and the nightstand was opened. Well now you know where he hides it.

“Moon what happened?” Hyungsik had his gun out too and was by the light. He was the one to turn on the lights.

“Moon are you ok?” Jungkook asked trying covering his bare chest with his blanket. You laughed a little seeing as the guys were all up and out only wearing their boxers.

“I-I'm fine just need” you looked at your phone and earbuds. “Music.” You grabbed them, slipped on some slippers and ran to the elevators.

Seo Joon’s Pov:

“Should~ we go after her?” Hyungsik asked.

“Nah, she seemed out of it.” Seo Joon said putting his gun away. “Head back to bed Jungkook she'll be fine by morning.”

   While the guy went back to bed he messaged Moon to make sure she was okay.

 He walked down and find her on a balcony looking over the city.

“Nice view huh?” He asked placing an arm around her waist.

“Eh. Korea has better…” she said leaning her head in his. “You ever wonder what would happen if we lost.”

“Not really. Is that what you've been thinking about?” He asked as she stayed looking at city.

“If we lost a case people could die or never get heard from again. I know that feeling all too well Seo Joon…” she looked at him. “I'm not letting these guys feel what I had to feel.”

“Y/n. You are the smartest, fastest, and most agile member on this team. If these boys had a chance of surviving because of a single person, that single person would be you.” You hugged her. “I know it's not easy, trust me but don't you remember this talk?”

“W-what?” She pulled away looking at me. “Seo Joon….I gave you this talk.”

“Three years ago before our first mission and now look at us Y/n, you're gonna be my boss, and pick the missions for us and go on them or skip them as you please.” He hugged her one final time.  “You're gonna be a great boss Y/n, and you're gonna keep these guys safe because that's your dream.”

Y/N’s Pov:

 Seo Joon left and put on some music. There has to be more clues to this case. And if anything happens tomorrow...I'll be there for my team and I'll be there for Bangtang. No matter what costs I'll live for my father.

“I wish he lived with me.” You said walking back to the room. Cuddling up with Seo Joon you fell asleep not taking your headphones on, repeatedly listening to Yoongi’s song...So far away...I won't fall away Yoongi.

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