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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with BR Royal Spotlight! Who is our new Royal Spotlight member for this week?

That's right! It's no other then the wonderful @QueenPandaBunny! Congratulations on being our new Royal Spotlight member for this quarter. Your name will be put in a drawing for a big prize at the end of the quarter. I wanted to take the time to thank you for supporting Boys Republic.
Besides getting your name in a drawing, you get some other prizes. You get to choice from these options
1. Bias spam
2. Bias Wallpaper
3. Bias scenario
4. A day declared for your bias
Plus you get some fan made photo cards of your bias and group!
Pretty awesome prizes for being our Royal Spotlight member!
Please PM with your choices.
Congratulations again to @QueenPandaBunny for being our Royal Spotlight member.

Now you are wondering, how do I become a Royal Spotlight member? Right, that's what you are thinking? To answer your question, it's not hard at all. It's real easy to get chosen for our Royal Spotlight member. All you have to do is like, clip and most importantly comment on all Boys Republic cards. The more you do, the better your chances get. Good luck to those who are wiling to take on the challenge of becoming our new Royal Spotlight member.

Oh wow, Thank you!!!!!