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Nari remembered when Minseok oppa was talking to someone on the phone. It had sounded like he was talking to his girlfriend. She wondered if he was still dating that person. She hoped not. She didn't want to intrude if he was. She knows what that feels like, being replaced before a break up, her last boyfriend had done that to her. Walking in on him having sex with someone else was horrifying. She got that yucky feeling throughout her body, that ugly feeling you get when think about something painful that makes you angry at the same time. She shook it off and tried to think ahead. She told herself when she gets a chance later, she was going to ask him about it.

They were meeting at the coffee shop around the corner from where they worked. Xiumin wore his hoodie and sunglasses. But people who were paying attention, recognized him and would take pics of him or ask him for an autograph. He started to think this was a bad spot to meet. He knew if they met here, she would get hounded. But it was too late to change plans, she walked in and waved at him.

He smiled and went to meet her.

“Let's go somewhere else.” He said heading back out the door, ushering her to come along.

“Why? I didn't even get my coffee yet.” She whined.

“I know, I'm sorry but usually there's nobody here, now there's too many people. Let's go somewhere quiet.”

He heard from behind him, “oppa who's that?”

He half turned and bowed a little and grabbed Nari and turned her around quickly. They were heading down the street to his car when he heard a bunch of voices right behind asking over and over who she was. “Oppa, oppa, oppa, oppa,” was all he heard

Xiumin sighed, closed his eyes, and shut the car door. He pushed his way around the car through the little group of fans girls that had followed him. They were taking pictures. When he got into his car, someone hit her side of the window. It made her scream. Xiumin drove off quickly.

“Don't worry. It happens.” he said slowing down.

“Are you used to it? For a second, you didn't look too happy.”

“Sometimes I don't mind, other times it annoys me. I love our fans but sometimes what we do in our time should really be our time, not theirs.” He breathed in deep and let it out loudly with a kind of groan. Then he started to laugh, “Jongdae says the only relationship the fans accept are the ones that happen between members. They would rather see us pair off. Me and Jongdae, JongIn and KyungSoo… Hyun and Yeol. They're crazy.” He laughed even more, “If only they knew…” he looked at her and realized she probably wasn't ready to hear about what really goes on. He shrugged.

She just smiles back and shrugs too. Nari wondered if now would be a good time to bring up his girlfriend, if he has one. It would be kind of awkward but it was something that needs to addressed. She looked over at him, he has a smile on his face like he was thinking about something funny. Just when she was going to say something, he started giggling.

“Jongdae told me that he wouldn't mind dating but not with me. Why would he say that? I'm a good man, aren't I? I told him, I would make a great boyfriend.” He laughs thinking on it.

“You and Jongdae-ssi are close aren't you?” She asked knowing the answer.

“Huh? Oh yeah. He's my best friend. He looks after me. He cares a great deal about me, no he cares a great deal about all of us. I love him deeply.” He looked over at her, “You understand that right?” he asked remembering him and Chen's conversation the other night. He didn't like his Chen-Chen being in that way, worried or concerned.

She nodded, “I do. You're close friends, I understand.”

He grinned. “It's more than that. He's my everything. I would never let anything or anyone hurt him. So you must understand completely. He has my heart… But, there's always room for one more.” He stared at her strongly and then smiled.

Nari felt her face go hot. She touched her cheek feeling the heat in them. “Kim Minseok-ssi” she bashfully said, looking away.

“Just like my Chen-Chen, so shy and cute.”

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Kim Min-Fuckin-Seok!!!!!!
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He's such a tease. That isn't aloud, but Chen likes it and struggle with it 😂