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You smile with your teeth
I remember when you wouldn't
Always fists clenched
Mouth shut
As if you were trapped
What were you trying to hide little one?
Did you have a vision
Of the foreseeable future?
Of what would happen to us?
Or did you see what would happen to you?
No, impossible
Because if you would have
You would have known that everything worked out
You would have seen nothing but happiness
Of course, not for everyone
But for the ones who had their eyes open
Instead of
Fists clenched
Mouth shut
You would have seen something grand
Something smooth that could have only happened
With great time and patience
You would have seen suffering
Beyond your wildest dreams
More than losing a loved one
Or giving up on someone precious
Or the perfect assortment
Of both
Something so deadly and potent
That it could have destroyed your world and mine
Something that, thankfully,
Has not come to pass
Because you learned to smile with your teeth
And not with
Fists clenched
Mouth shut