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The Gold Box (BTS Fanfic) Chapter 15 18+
"What did you say?" Jungkook asks hoping he heard that wrong. 
"I said, do you like chicken nuggets?" She asks again. Smiling from ear to ear. 
"I....yeah sure I do" he answers. He smirks sitting back. "Are you new?"
She looks at him confused. 
"I mean. I know I told the owner to send some girls that I never saw before so I guess that's why sent you but you need training. Your clothes are not seductive, you are awkward with flirting. But its refreshing so I am letting it go." He says taking a gulp from his beer. 
"Are you thinking I am...?" She couldn't finish the sentence. 
"You are not?" looks at her raising his eyebrow. Her face turns red, her blue eyes still sparking under the light. 
"NO! I just wanted to talk since you looked lonely." She says. 
"Ha! Lonely...." He whispers "Sorry about that I thought you were."  He looks at her. She does seem younger than him. Was she of legal age? And what was this bullshit about her thinking he was lonely. He was never lonely! Had girls left and right whenever he wanted. He wanted to tell her that but decided not to. 
"Anyways, what's your name?" She asks trying to be calm.  Then awkwardly looks away. 
He looks at her. 
Why is she not leaving?  If she doesn't want sex then what does she want exactly?
"Whats yours?"
"I asked first."
" Kaida, nice to meet you." 
"Weird ass name. How old?"
"None of your business."
"Wow okay, you were the one that started this." He says looking away in disbelieve. He scoots near her touching her hair. She backs away 
"You need to stop touching me."
"You like it though you are delusional." She says and gets up. She opens the door and steps out. He follows her and grabs her arm, wings her around and slides his other arm on her waist pulling her close. 
"You approached me. And now you are backing away like this." He gets near her lips.
"I was just trying to be friendly." She tries to fight but he doesn't let go looking into her deep blue eyes. She steps on his foot and pushes him away.  She quickly runs out of the club bumping into a girl on the phone. She quickly looks back at her she is wearing a red dress, on her phone giving her a confused look. She bows and says sorry before running again. Jungkook runs after her and grabs her hand. 
"Let go! I said let go! I am warning you for the last time LET.GO!" She screams. 
"May I help you?" A girl approaches them. Jungkook turns around to look and sees a young girl. "I work here...Ma'am do you need help? Sir, let her go please." Jungkook ignores her and drags Kaida with him to his car. The worker follows grabbing his arm. 
"Sir, let her go before I call the security." She looks at Kaida confusingly,  trying to tell her something with her free hands but she can't comprehend. Jungkook turns around to see and Kaida stops and starts yelling at him to let go again. He opens the passenger seat and shoves her in and pushes the other girl away. 
"Go away before I tell your boss, he is my friend!" He yells at her. "He is my friend." 
She doesn't listen and tries to open the door to get Kaida out Jungkook pushes her again this time pulling his gun out and shooting her on the stomach. He hears Kaida scream as he shoves her back in and closes her door. He locks the car until so she can't get out until she walks around the to the driver's side sitting inside. He again. As Kaida screams to get out. 
"How did you ...get a GUN? ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY? LET ME OUT?" 
"Shut Up!!" He yells back seeing a figure running towards the car. He recognizes who it is. 
"Shit....of all times, of course you would be at a place where you should never be at." He mumbles changing to reverse and backs the car away. Kaida screams grabbing the seat as they drive off. 
Raejin is standing outside the club trying to call Jimin. That half glass of beer is taking an affect on her already. The loud music is overbearing now. Yoongi hasn't showed up which makes her more mad. 
Finally, Jimin picks the phone up. 
"Jimin I am ready to go."
"What about Yoongi?" He yells trying to louder than the music. 
"I guess, you won. He isn't here. Plus I am tipsy.....What the?" She gets interrupted by someone pushing her aside and running. She looks around to see a girl, taller than her, her face red. She bows down saying sorry and runs again. She hears a man yelling after her and notices his back. 
"Jungkook...." She says
"WHAT!?" Jimin yells. 
"Jungkook is here! Jimin!" 
"I am coming!" Jimin says hanging up. Raejin sees another girl following them. She can barely hear them. 
The other girl tries to fight Jungkook as he shoves her in the car. 
"That bastard..what is he up to now?" She whispers. She takes a few steps towards them but stops as she hears a gun shot. "God....!" She runs towards the shot girl as the car drives off. She goes near the girl and sees her yelling in pain. She sits down trying to stop the bleeding. She puts one of the girl's free hand on her wound and tells her t push it. She dials for ambulance and sees Jimin running towards her horrified. He looks at the girl wide eyes and then back at her. 
"Call the ambulance!" She says giving her phone to him as she continues helping the girl. She looks around the people ignore them since this is a common occurrence in this side of the city. Plus, most of them are too drunk to even walk properly. She sees figure running towards her. It's Yoongi as he looks at the scene with his eyes open. 
"I called they are getting here." Jimin says handing the phone to Raejin but Yoongi takes it instead. He sits down helping the girl. 
"Go with Yoongi. I will get her to the hospital. Are you forgetting you are not suppose to in front of the police??!!" He yells. 
"There is no police here!" She yells back but Yoongi yanks her arm and makes her stand up. 
"But there will be soon." He says, his voice deep. "Jimin take care of this okay?" He looks at Jimin and he nods. He grabs Raejin's hand and runs with her to his car. Raejin yanks her hand away. 
"...That hurts!!" She yells. Yoongi grabs her arms and pulls her close, crushing his mouth on hers. 

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