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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my Boys Republic card!!! This week is future concepts or concepts we'd like to see them do in the future and can I just say that I have quite a few concepts up my sleeve!! These are all concepts I've seen from Produce 101 since I'm still totally in love with the show so here we go!!
The first concept that I would really like to see then try, even though they've done so many concepts they're like the concept kings, is the 'Oh Little Girl' concept which is more of a hip hop kind of concept and it's kind of like telling the person 'hey, I'll protect you and love you through the bad times, I'll never leave you' (that's my interpretation anyway) and it's more of a cutesy concept but the dance has some sharp dance moves and it's quite eye catching. The aesthetic is bright and bubbly for this concept and I could imagine all the possibilities of hair colors and clothing options the boys could wear while pulling this off effortlessly.
The second concept is another kind of a cutesy concept. The song's called 'I Know You Know' and it, although it's also cutesy, has a more sophisticated concept than 'Oh Little Girl' with a pretty unique dance that looks easy but is pretty difficult in actuality. The beat is very cutesy and catchy and the dance looks so beautiful and effortless to where it makes you want to sway and dance along. Since it's more on the mature, sophisticated side the members are seen wearing tuxes and looking classy and I'd really love to see the Boys Republic members do a theme like this so I could see how they'd interpret the intricacy of the concept and the moves combined!
Lastly, I'd love for them to do a concept like 'Open Up' which is a sexier, more mature concept. The members would also wear tuxes in this concept, but instead of having bright, bubbly colored hair, they'd have more pale, dull colored hair such as dark blacks, browns or pale blondes pushed to the sides to make them look even more mature. The clothes would be darker colored clothes like blacks and dark blues. Its a super good song and the dance is so breathtakingly amazing. You'd want to keep looking at the boys as they perform because the concept would leave you entranced!
These are the concepts I would love to see the boys do in the future with their own styles and songs!!! I hope my dreams come true *wishes on every shooting star*
Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful