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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my Jhoon card!! This week we'll be sharing a few facts about our member, how we got into them, and our favorite music video so let's go! First, facts about Jhoon!
1. Jhoon has practiced many forms of street dance for over 10 years (since middle school).
2. Before he debuted he worked at a street dance academy where he taught popping to kids.
Next, how I got into B.I.G: I knew of them for a while, maybe a little over a year, but I never really got into them until I saw them on the Immigration. They were all so funny and cute and I immediately chose Heedo as my bias, but then we were picking members and I was given the opportunity to represent Jhoon and I was making my intro card and looking up pictures of Jhoon and I fell in love all over again (I picked my B.I.G bias prematurely tbh) like Heedo? Who's that? I only know Jhoon (jk, Heedo has now replaced Jhoon as the wrecker since Jhoon's replaced him as my bias [I'm a mess, yes I know]).
Lastly, my favorite video. (I have so many favorites and since I can't choose I'm just going to choose their most recent song I listened to and totally promote it and how great it is so get ready for this long ass promo....
My current favorite song is Hello Hello and I really love the performance version because I really love watching kpop idols dance. Can I just say, that video and every video after proved my love for Jhoon??? (Heedo and his rapping is totally wrecking though)
Jhoon with silverish hair is so beautiful, he's art. I could just look at him for hours and I wouldn't care because I will never get tired of him.
His singing skills are on point and I love it so much
I'm going to end this with stan B.I.G they're beautiful and talented and perfect and flawless and they deserve the love okay!
Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful