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Well here is my entry!
If I was friends with...
Jisoo! Omgg we would have so much fun!!!
First, we would walk in the Seoul Forest. Catch up on things lol
Then go to the Trickeye Musuem. We would take so much funny pictures and have so much fun!!!
After going to the museum, we will go to Namdaemun Market and shop, have fun, be weird lol take selfies
Then we will go eat. Idk where. Just some restaurant lol and eat some delicious food.
Then we will go explore N Seoul Tower keep exploring and keep being the random and weird people we are lol and look at the city at night
The last stop would be Banpo Bridge and look at the colorful lights.

Thats the end of my trip lol. Hope you liked it!

yay thanks for entering😊 I really want to see that bridge now it's so pretty!!
You're welcome and me too!!!
Sounds like lots fun