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Hello Topp Klass, here are the results with the album you have choosen. Here is your members, location and advantages you will be having! I hope you enjoy!
Album 1...Your destination is
You will be joining HoJoon, P-Goon and Sangdo for a week at Shanghi China, doing some shopping and site seeing at the Jade Budda Temple and the Bund. You will watch entertainiment at the Shanghai Circus World and watch the animals and arcobatic entertain you. You will have dinner on the Huangpu River Cruise and Bund City Lights Evening tour of Shanghai. This will be a great week with them. I hope you enjoy and have a lovely time.
Album 2......your destination is....
You will be joining Xero, Jenissi and Hansol at Cancun. You will be lying on the beach soaking up the sun. But I am sure the boys will want to have some fun in the sun, so you will be playing beach volleyball, going surfing and maybe just walking along the beach. You will enjoy having dinner on the beach and watching the waves. This sounds like a fun trip in the sun!
Album 3.......your destination is
Get your passport ready and meet Jiho, Nakta and Seogoong for a fantastic trip on seeing the pyramids and searching through tombs. You will sail down the Nile on the felucca which is a traditional boat of Egypt. You will camelback through the pyramids of Giza and have a dinner cruise complete will belly dancer. Who knows you may have the courage to join them and belly dance too, even the boys may join. What a fun time in Egypt.
Album 4.......your destination is

Yes you will be going to Cozumel! You will be joining Kidoh and Taeyang on a deep sea advanture. You will swimming in the blue waters with fish and turtles and other sea animals and taking wongerful pictures of the sea. You will go snokeling in the clear fresh ocean. You go joy riding on dune buggies. You will enjoy a dinner cruise, site seeing the different island. This will so much fun!
Album 5.........your destination is........
A fabulous time in Time Square with Yano, A-Tom and B-Joo. You will spend time going shopping and eating. When night time falls, you will watch the night lights of Time Square appear and light up the night. You will watch shows at the Rockefeller Center. You will visit Carnegie Hall and watch a musical. You will have fabulous time here.
Well all the adventages have to come to and end. I hope you enjoyed your adventures. Until next time, stay Klassy!
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I love the location but prefer going with B-joo