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K-Pop 101: Let's Learn Seventeen Music Videos (Pt. 1)

Hello everyone!!

So today we're getting into the really good stuff.... music videos~ :D

Well... other than falling completely in love with the members... this is the second best thing about finding new groups cX At least... in my opinion it is...o.o....

I won't be going into too many details about the music videos, really this is just a list and such so that we can all check out their videos, but I'll probably be posting their music videos in my series "Have You Seen This!?" and talk about the videos a lot more there~

Okay, let's start off with their debut music video than while we're at it and then continue from there C:

Adore U (아낀다)

Released May 29, 2015

S.Coups - 0:04, 1:15, 2:29 (The cool guy with the sunglasses who looks like he's about to steal your girl...Even without sunglasses he probably stole your girl)
Vernon - 0:06, 0:38, 1:25, 2:26 (The guy with longish hair with this smile that literally kills, and is too cool for school. If you spot a guy with bright red shoes...That's Vernon)
Jun - 0:09, 1:33 (The one who looks seriously concerned for no reason. He also has these eyes that tell you not to mess with him. I don't know why)
Mingyu - 0:14, 1:07, 1:42 (If you see a guy who looks like he's trying to seduce you...That's Mingyu. If he looks like he's about to smile, run!! His smiles kill!!!!!!!)
Hoshi - 0:16, 1:20, 2:08 (The really adorable, hyperactive one with the cloud like blonde hair that you just want to run your fingers through...!?!? Ya... That's Hoshi)
Seungkwan - 0:19, 2:17 (The other cool kid in this video with the really pretty voice.... But then at the end he turns into this god of handsomeness or something?!!?!? Trippy >.<)
DK - 0:28, 0:57, 1:58, 2:20, 2:24 (My beautiful tanned horse!!!! Like, just become mesmeroised by his voice!!! And are you fainting yet from seeing his breathtaking smile!?!? Is this a good enough description for you yet?!?! Look at my beauty~)
Dino - 0:41 (The one that looks like the angsty teenager who was just told he couldn't go play Pokemon Go by his mom... Ya, that one cX)
Jeonghan - 0:47, 2:38 (The one with really really long and pretty hair that you secretly want but could never have cause Jeonghan is a litteral angel...0.o.... No, there isn't a girl in the music video. It's just Jeonghan)
Woozi - 0:51, 1:53, 2:40 (The super adorable and squishy looking one that you just want to grab and love and hug forever cause he's literally the cutest thing on this entire planet....!!!! Ya, the smol one with glasses and white hair;;)
The8 - 1:31 (Ooo oooo it's the tall one with the sunglasses and the really attractive hands and smile and he has white hair and he was playing a guitar and why isn't he shown more in this video!?!?!?!?! ><)
Joshua - 1:35 (Literal perfection!!!! Like, you faint when you saw him and he has this voice that just made you melt listening to it!??!? No.... just me? Well he's the other one playing the guitar and he said one line.....I'm not mad, you are!!! >.<)
Wonwoo - 1:40 (Ya.... the one who looked like he was about to end your life but you were still gushing over how handsome he is....o.o... Ya.... That's Wonwoo;; Don't hurt me;; Just let me love you~)

...I'm pretty sure this is their debut song...o.o... Like... 84% sure. Anyway!! Wasn't that like... one of the greatest things you ever watched!?! Like, them in white!!!!! Literal angles (I know it's spelled angels, but shush cx) Like, someone hold me!! They were all so beautiful and I was fawning over all of them!!

...Which didn't help the fact that DK appeared literally everywhere and I had to constantly repeat, "No honey, I'm not drooling over Mingyu and Vernon and all your other members.... You're paranoid." ....I love you DK~cX Literal angles by the way!! Also... 2:42 is my favorite part... Don't ask me why...o.o... I'm not saying anything~^^

.....*singing* "Cause you are my........ANGLEEEEEEEEEE~" ....I don't have problems....cX...

Shining Diamond

(Sooo apparently this isn't techincally the "official music video" even though it really looks like it.... And also, apparently it came out before Adore U but I'm like... 93% this isn't their debut mv....So ya;; Correct me if I'm wrong ><)

Jun - 0:06 (The one with really long, dark hair because I guess they felt the need to have another long haired member to screw us up... He also has these piercing eyes that are intimidating but sexy...o.o...)
Vernon - 0:10, 3:03 (The really cool looking dude with that really sexy smile and longish, puffy hair.... and his english is like... ten times better than mine and yaaa......)
S.Coups - 0:27, 1:38 (The guy with dark hair that seriously looks like a huge bad boy that you're secretly attracted to, but so is everyone else in the school cX)
Hoshi - 0:38, 2:33 (He's the really cute one with the cat like eyes and he looks really cool and badass actually, but he has really poofy blonde hair again and I'm in love with his hair!!!)
Woozi - 0:45, 1:30 (The really really adorable one wearing the fedora and baseball hat and he tried so hard to be cool in this video, but his smile is precious and I'm dying from his cuteness!!)
DK - 0:54, 2:05 (So like... the one with the really attractive outfit...... and then you inhaled and made unintelligible noises when you saw my horse with glasses on and you just died because he was the most beautiful and handsome person you've ever seen..... Don't lie to yourself, you know it's true)
Seungkwan - 1:03, 2:13 (So someone in the comments of the video said he looked like the coconut haired kid in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.... Ya.... they're not wrong cX I love you Seungkwan C:)
Wonwoo - 1:12, 1:35 (.....I finally understand why everyone says that Wonwoo went through an emo phase... Yep, I totally understand now... He looks like he's in a J-rock group Cx Okay.... I love Wonwoo.... but.... even you all have to admit that you laughed when you saw his hair.... I'm sorry, I'll stop now xD)
Mingyu - 1:21, 3:13 (The other emo in the video.... and he's really sexy... I mean, they're all extremely attractive... but like.... his eyes and smile are seductive!! Just love me already Mingyu!! Don't tease me like this!!)
Joshua - 1:48 (The one who has the extremely gorgeous voice and like you can spot him but the camera angle won't show him in the center and it keeps moving so you can't get a good look at him and it's like.... who do I have to kill so they can give my handsome baby more screentime...!?!?!!?)
Jeonghan - 1:56 (No.... it's not a girl again... and it's not Jun.... it's the guy with the really long and brown hair who looks like a literal angle when it shows a close up of him and like.... you're about to die from the literal perfection that is Jeonghan......o.o)
The8 - 2:22 (That one guy with the white/multi-colored hair that is so beautiful and he's so handsome and like..... he doesn't show up enough, but when you see his hair it's like... ohmygawd)
Dino - 3:03 (.....That one guy who doesn't even get his own shot and has to share it with Vernon.... Not the long haired guy... that's Vernon... the one with short hair, adorable eyes, and looks like a troubled school kid.... Ya cX)

Okay so like.... I loved this music video!! But for some reason... I finished watching it and just burst out laughing.... They looked extremely handsome and sexy!! Don't get me wrong.... I just... I laughed cX And their english... Ya.... ten times better than my own....o.o... And I will admit, choreography on point!! That was amazing!! Too many parts in it that I liked.

But guys!! DK's glasses!! Like, his bad boy outfit was an outfit that I hope my future boyfriend wears cause like... hot damn!! But then when it switched to him wearing glasses...!!!!!!! I almost died.... This would've been the end for me. So beautiful~ Also, who else was getting huge "Boy in Luv by BTS" vibes...?? No? Just me.... Should I not say anything because lots of groups do bad school boy concepts.... Sorry cX

"Shining DIAMONDSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ......*whispers* Shining....diamond.....seeeeeee~

Mansae (만세)

Released Sep 9, 2015

S.Coups - 0:02, 0:12, 0:54, 2:10, 2:33 (Yes, he's the one who threw himself into the other members' arms at the beginning, and then threw the basketball at the girl. Totally a cool kid in this video~)
Vernon - 0:21, 0:44 (The guy with the longer hair that you don't like, but are still oddly attracted to... He has this really sexy rapper voice and you're not sure when he's rapping in english or korean cause like... so much perfection >< Oh, and he got slapped by the girl C:)
Hoshi - 0:27, 1:46, 2:53 (Again... fluffy hair!! ...But it's this really pretty green and blonde color and like... I'm even more in love!! Yes, did you spot his cat eyes yet?? Like, that close up with the girl!! You could totally see his eyes o.o So beautiful >.<)
Dino - 0:31 (Awww the super adorable baby that was still only allowed to have like one line...T.T, but at least you could see him really dance this time!! Like damn boi!!!! You got moves, Dino o.o Also, his cropped hair really lets you see the cuteness of his baby face~cX)
Wonwoo - 0:34, 0:39, 1:41, 1:51, 3:13 (Okay... so he still has these piercing eyes that make him look scary... but he smiles so much in this video and the way he looks at the girl is so flipping adorable!!! So ya... the guy who looks like he's about to kill you... but then looks so concerned when he looks at the girl....T.T)
Woozi - 0:38, 2:40 (The adorable smol baby with the freaking precious pink hair that makes him stand out even more and just shows off how beautiful he really is!! And he is the smol baby that the other members teased by lifting the mike up really high cX)
Jeonghan - 1:00, 1:43, 2:28 (*heart eyes* *So many heart eyes* The guy who is even prettier than the girl.... with his long... bluish-purple hair o.o *gasps and falls over* He's so.... beautiful and his voice....*More heart eyes* ...and he still plays basketball better than you, while looking flawless!! Cx)
Seungkwan - 1:10, 2:06 (He's the super adorable school boy who looks at the camera as if he's trying to steal your heart... cause he is....o.o... He actually looks really attractive in this video >.< Okay... he always looks good, but come on!! So handsome with his adorable hair style~)
DK - 1:18, 2:14 (*Gasps* My horse!!! How could she flick my horse!?!? Did you see the way he was smiling at her?!?!? His smile is so big and beautiful and I'm so in love it hurts!!!!! And his beautiful eyes were closed with his eye smile~ And the way he looked at S.Coups when Coups got mad at him xD So adorable~)
Joshua - 1:23, 2:20 (Guys guys guys guys guys!!! Did you see him!?!?! Wasn't he beautiful! You could really see Joshua in this video and he looked so pure and innocent and just made my heart melt when I watched him~ Like, my heart literally stopped beating everytime he showed up on screen~ God, his voice is heavenly~)
Mingyu - 1:33, 2:04, 2:24, 3:08 (Omo!! His blue hair literally killed me!! Like hot damn!! I thought he was attractive before... but he got ten times sexier with that blue hair of his!! And again!! Those intimate eye stares!! I don't know how that girl survived ><)
The8 - 1:48 (....Why did he get so litte screen time...!!?!!? He was so adorable in this video!! Did you spot his curly blonde ramen hair?? It was so adorable on him~ And yes, he was the third member who was playing that one game with the girl... I was too mesmerized by his eyes that it look me a couple times of watchign to know it was The8 cX)
Jun - 1:59 (.... Even Jun barely was shown in this mv!!! T.T Come onnnnnn~ Give the china line more love >.< But Jun certainly looked handsome in this video.... as always but still....o.o.... But if you pay attention to the mv and look for Jun, you'll notice that he always looks pissed at the members cX So cute~)

Okay... I have to admit... this is literally one of my most favorite k-pop music videos out there!! Like... everything about this mv is so physically appealing with all the colors and the members and everything!! You also really got to see just how extra the members of Seventeen are Cx I don't know about you guys, but I'm not usually a fan of cutesy concepts... but this video..... So beautiful~

Also, the beginning is by far my most favorite part of this entire video. I can literally watch that beginning for days!! It's just such a funny way of seeing the different members' personalities and really shows the humor of the video and such cX I also am madly in love with this choreography, to be completley honest... But... I literally love everything about this video and song!!! >.< Also.... it didn't help that Joshua showed up either before or after DK sang... Like, excuse me!! I don't need to get killed by the both of you in a single go!!!!!!

*sings* Mansae mansae mansae-hey~!!!!" ......"I'm so stupid~" :D (Very relatable Vernon;; Cx)

Q&A (and Ailee (에일리))

Released Dec 3r, 2015

Vernon - 0:01, 0:04, 1:46 , 1:50, 1:55, 2:34, 2:43, 2:38 (The guy with light brown hair and he has this really adorable and big smile!! Like, you can see all his teeth and everything!! He has the brown hair and sometimes wears glasses in the video and has a red jacket)
Woozi - 0:02, 0:23, 1:09, 1:44, 2:20 (Super adorable and innocent looking and has fluffy blonde hair and is wearing sweaters like a good student~Cx Like really adorable!! But barely even sings in this MV though T.T)
S. Coups - 0:03, 0:39, 0:46,1:47, 2:21, 2:40, 2:45 (He's the one with the green jacket and when he's in the blue room with the t.v..... He's totally relatable cX Like.... same dude... same... Definitely me during school xD And he keeps getting distracted during the test... Definitely me cX)

Yes..... I know only three of the thirteen members are in this music video... but like........ It's still considered one of their music videos...!!! And like... you should still watch it cause like... Ailee also has such a pretty voice too~ And like... Woozi, Vernon, and S.Coups look so freaking adorable in this video!!

.....I uhhhh totally was not fangirling over all three of them throughout this entire video....o.o.... Nah man, totally not;; I'm not that weak;;; >.< And vulnerable to all of Seventeen.... Nah not at all;; I just got into this group and I'm taking this whole class thing seriously soooooo I'm acting as professional as possbile ^-^ ........Maybe Cx

*Taking a quiz given by Seventeen* "Aight!! I can do this, this Q&A isn't hard at all~" *First question is: How loyal are you to your bias in Seventeen?* ......*Flips table* Nope, not happening. I'll take the F on this quiz;; >////<
On the left side, the top row, left to right: Vernon, S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu Left side bottom row: Dino, DK, Joshua Right side, the three members on the top row, left to right: The8, Hoshi, Seungkwan Bottom three: Woozi, Jeonghan, Jun

Sooooo I was originally going to fit all of their music videos into this one card.... Buuuuuttttt, there's a lot of music videos left...

And this card ended up being pretty long cause of all of the descriptions of the members I threw in there... Soooooooo there's going to be multiple parts to their music videos so sorry;;

Annnnddddd this card took me waaaaayyy longer to make than it should've >.< So I definitely need to make multiple cards or else I would've been working on this card for days;; It's not my fault I write so much T.T (Okay, it is buuuutttt details details cX)

So see ya tomorrow with the next couple of Seventeen music videos~

~From your certified, professional pervert~
(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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