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Who: Reader x Min Yoongi What: Angst Story: He doesn't see what's going on with you, how much you need him. He's just caught in his music. Yoongi's POV "Y/n where did these come from?" He asked. He felt like the past few weeks he was holed up in his studio working on his new album. He was performing with Namjoon and Hoseok too; he had a lot of inspiration recently and Y/n was the reason for that inspiration. A lot of her art work was around the house and also in his studio. Some of her drawings inspired lyrics while others inspired the music behind lyrics he'd already written. She was so patient with him, she asked for attention but she understood when he couldn't be pulled away. He was spending a lot of time working it had been awhile since they had a moment to really relax and speak with each other. Earlier when Namjoon came in, he seemed a little sheepish. He asked questions about Y/n, how she was doing and if they had talked but it wasn't anything that built worry or suspicion in him. He didn't think anything of it, it was just Namjoon making conversation. Except that wasn't the case, or at least he was just figuring that out now. He was taking advantage of this opportunity to spend with her. They hadn't kissed so feverishly in a while. They hadn't slept together in a while. He never realized until now that her arms were always covered up. He just thought it was her style but she always had her wrists covered. Whether it was wrist bands or her sleeves, she always had them covered. He looked at her wrist upset. She looked back up at him with shinning eyes. She was still mostly drunk. Why did she get drunk though? What was going on with her? "Y/n tell me the truth." He said. She shook her head. He sat up on top of her, his fingers tracing the scars on her wrist. She giggled and sat up. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Come on gummy bear. Make love to me." She said in his ear. "Have you been doing this to yourself? What's wrong baby?" He asked cupping her face. She started trying to unbutton his shirt but he grabbed her hands to stop her. She leaned forward and kissed his neck as her form of distraction. He pushed her down to the bed and pinned her there. "I need you to talk to me." He said. "I'm too drunk to talk, let's just have sex instead." "Y/n stop it. I'm not sleeping with you tonight. Talk to me. Why are you doing this?" He asked. She looked sad in the eyes but she laughed again and rolled over on her side. "Goodnight gummy bear." She said. He looked at her for a second. He knew that she was faking her sleep but it was clear that she wanted to be left alone. He sighed and got off her and walked out of the bedroom. He went to the fridge to grab a beer and sat down in the living room. He looked at the table in front of him. On the table was Y/n's sketch pad. Yoongi picked it up and looked at it. It was dark. As he flipped through the sketch books, he noticed her motif was all dark. Dark figures, a girl crying alone, wrists with scars, a shadow over a girl, a girl reaching out to darkness. Quite honestly the pictures were disturbing to Yoongi. Her art work was never this dark. She had a few concepts that weren't as cheerful but this was completely drowned in sadness. Yoongi took a sip of his beer and went to call Namjoon. "Hey I know you guys are having fun but can I ask you something?" He said. "What's up Hyung?" "When you were asking me all those questions about Y/n today, did you happen to notice anything wrong with her?" He asked. "Um- why do you ask?" "She has marks on her wrist Namjoon did you see them or not?" He asked getting short with him. Namjoon sighed over the phone. "Yes Hyung I've seen them." He said. Yoongi sighed frustrated. "Why didn't you tell me?" He said. "She didn't want me to say anything Hyung." "When she's doing dangerous stuff like this I should be told Namjoon. She's cutting herself, I should've been the first person you told." "Hyung I know but she begged me not to say anything I didn't know what else to do. When I found out, she broke down." "I don't know what to do and she's drunk so she won't talk to me all she wants to do is have sex." "Maybe you should've had sex then." Namjoon said. "What? Namjoon, you're supposed to be the smart one." "Well she's been wanting your attention for sometime now. I mean you said she comes into the studio at least once everyday. You two have barely seen each other; what if she's doing this because she thinks you find her unappealing or something. Look, I'm not sure what's going on the only way to find out is to ask her yourself." Namjoon said. "She won't talk to me." "Well don't give up on her. Just prove to her that you're there to listen. Be there for her." He said. Yoongi tried to be there for her but she wouldn't answer him. Sleeping with her couldn't be the only answer but Namjoon may have had a point in thinking that she wanted his attention. Was she really doing something like this because he was working so much? He ended the call with Namjoon and carried the sketchbook into their bedroom. He placed it on the night stand and laid down next to her. She wasn't pretending anymore, she was really asleep he could tell because she was relaxed. Was that why she cut her hair? His hand lightly brushed it back and he looked closer at her face. A hint of a tear stain lingered on her face rolling over the bridge of her nose. He combed her hair with his fingers and she moved in her sleep a little. He came close to her lips and placed a soft kiss on them. His hand traveled down to her arm to feel out the scars on her wrist. "Tell me what's haunting you." He whispered on her lips. He held her close and wrapped his arm around her to bring her into his chest.... Y/n's POV You woke up the next morning alone in bed with some tension in your head. You weren't even sure you could classify it as a hangover. You got up with a groan and walked out of the bedroom with nothing but your underwear on. You walked into the kitchen to pour yourself a glass of water. You looked at your wrists for a moment. You rolled your eyes, sighing as you questioned yourself in your head. "What are you doing Y/n?" You said softly to yourself. "That's what I'd like to know." Yoongi's arms snaked around your mostly naked body and he kissed the back of your neck lightly. You placed your hands on top of his. "You're not in the studio." You said. "I took off." He said. You turned to look him in the face while placing your hands behind your back. Your bare breast exposed to him and nearly pressed against his shirt. "Why did you do that?" You asked. "I thought we could spend some time together. Maybe talk." "About what." You smiled and leaned in for a kiss. He pecked your lips and grabbed your hands, "About these." He said showing you the scars on your wrist. You pulled your hands away from him. You covered your chest up and backed away from him. "Y/n what's going on?" He asked. "They're old Yoongi." You lied. "They don't look that old." "They are. It's fine okay don't worry about it." You said and gave him a smile. "Baby talk to me." He grabbed you again and pulled you back to look at him. You looked at him wanting to tell him so much but nothing was coming out. It was unfair of you to think it but you just wanted him to know that something was wrong, you wanted him to know about the mean messages you were receiving even more now than before. You wanted him to know your heart was bleeding but no matter what you said, no matter how you felt you weren't sure he would ever understand it. You weren't sure he would understand why you were so depressed and it was mainly because you didn't know why you were so depressed. You cupped his face and smiled, "It's nothing I'm fine. Now, you said you took the whole day off for us to spend sometime together let's do something fun. I'll get dressed." "Y/n." You started to walk away but he pulled you back. "Listen to me. I want you to stop doing this, do you understand me?" He said rubbing a scar with his thumb. "Yes Yoongi." "Y/n I mean it. Don't ever do this to yourself again or else." Your heart thumped at that line. You looked at him wondering. "Or else what?" You asked concerned. He walked up to you and cupped your face and pecked your lips before hugging you. "Just don't do it anymore." He said sounding like he was begging. Maybe you worried him too much. Now that he had seen the scars, you were scared of losing him. It should've helped; you thought it should've helped but it didn't. You were sad, you were descending deeper into darkness and the only way for you to keep him was to put on the mask and take it. Sometimes I feel like I'm a burden I know that I don't belong in your life like I didn't belong in Jimin's. I'm constantly exhausted having to pretend that everything's okay when I'm breaking down inside. No matter what your inner voice was screaming. You hid your feelings and found it better to bare the weight of your pain alone. Just take it and don't fight it. You could survive it all. But you were tired of surviving. "I'm going to go get changed." You told him. You pulled away from him and took to the showers to get cleaned and dressed. You walked out with a cream colored shirt and your favorite jeans that had holes styled into them. You wore your converse as they were your most comfortable footwear and you walked out of the bedroom. Yoongi was sitting on the couch on his phone. "I'm off today, I'm spending sometime with Y/n." He said. You watched him sitting on the couch looking stressed. He was probably talking to his manager. "I've done more than enough in the past month, I've been working day and night almost none stop. I've barely seen her and we live together, that gives me the right to take one afternoon off to be with her at the very least." He snapped. He shook his head and hung up the phone. "Is everything okay?" you asked. "Yeah it's fine. Are you ready to go?" He asked. You nodded. His phone rang and he immediately hung up before answering it. You looked at him walking to the door. His hand balled in a fist as he reached out for the door knob. "If you have to work I understand." You said. "Don't worry about that Y/n. Today's for us to hang out." You nodded but you kind of felt like he was stressed out. It was because of you wasn't it? He was stressed out that his manager kept calling him because he was hanging out with you. You were silent in the car as he drove around. Your mind was silent but for some reason that silence didn't help, it just seemed to dig a deeper hole in you. You just felt out of place and uncomfortable like you were causing problems for Yoongi. Now that he had seen your scars- did he still love you? Was he upset with you? Yoongi pulled up to a diner and you two got out and walked in. He held your hand but it was loosely. He normally held your hand firmly. You slipped your hand from his and he looked back at you curiously. You just smiled and he gave you a smile back and nodded you on. You two were sitting in a booth and you ordered your drinks. Yoongi was looking through his menu while you were thinking, you weren't that hungry. You didn't want much to eat. "I can't wait for you to hear my new songs." He said. "Really?" You smiled. "Yeah, you inspired them all." You smiled bigger feeling warmer inside. "I did?" "Yeah babe. You always inspire me." He smiled at you. You laughed, "I'm happy." "Good, stay that way. I like you happy." If only I could stay this way. "What's your new album called?" You asked. He shrugged, "I haven't decided yet. I have a few more songs I'm working on. My manager will help me decide. You want to do my cover this time?" He asked. "Um-I don't know about this album. I don't really think I could do anything good for you." You said. "Why would you say that? The last one you did was great, everyone loved it." He said. "Not everyone." You whispered. "Y/n?.... Are you okay? What's going on with you?" He said. "Nothing." You said. "Clearly that's not the case." "Why do you insist that something's wrong with me? Aren't I smiling at you, don't I look happy?" He stared at you for a moment; he was about to say something when the waiter came to take your orders. You ordered a light appetizer that made Yoongi stare at you for a second. He ordered what he wanted and the waiter left. "Just because you're smiling doesn't mean you're okay. The scars on your wrist say something completely different than the smile you wear." He said. "I don't want to talk about those." You said putting your hands under the table. "I know I'm always working but- I'm scared of what you may do to yourself." He said. You looked up at him with tears stinging your eyes. You looked away from him and he called your name. "I'm fine Yoongi." you said. "You're not." "Stop asking me, please. I could never explain it to you. I can't even explain it to myself." "Who can you talk to that you can explain it to?" "No one. Yoongi it's not that easy it's not like if I spill my guts out to some head doctor I'm magically cured-" "I never said it was." "It's just- the way I am." You said. "I want to make you happy Y/n." He said softly. "You do. Yoongi, you make the part of me that can function properly happy. You make the artist in me happy but- I don't know there's just. Something that I can't explain even if I wanted to." You said. You wiped your face from the tears that were falling down. "I love you Y/n. I'm here for you." He said softly. You smiled through tears. "I know." You said. You wiped your face and gained your calm back. Crying, even a little, was kind of refreshing, it let out some tension you were holding onto. Yoongi's phone rang again and he groaned and pulled it out of his pocket. He asked you to hold on for a minute and he took the call and walked out of the diner. You looked at the diner while you waited for him to return and then you saw someone. "Jimin?" You said confused. He looked around for a second like he heard someone call him when he saw you. He smiled and walked over, "Y/n." "Long time no see." You said. He nodded and sat down in front of you. "It has been a while. How are you?" He said. "Fine. What are you doing in Seoul?" You asked. "Oh I met a friend and we opened up a dance studio here. I'll be teaching soon." He said. You nodded, Jimin's eyes washed over you like they used to. Like he was drinking you in, like he was remembering what was and he was thinking of what could've been. He bit his lip for a moment and his eyes went back to yours. He chuckled through a smile. "I've missed you." He said. You missed him too, just as a friend....
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