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Those who are big fans of the original version of Criminal Minds might want to check out this version of it!!!

It'll start airing on Wednesday the 26th and have a total of twenty episodes!

I don't know about anyone else but I'm curious to see how the show will go. Everyone who's seen the original series knows it's one with multiple seasons. So will there be multiple seasons for the Korean version as well or will it be a one season and done like a lot of other K-dramas?

Teaser Videos:


Lee Joon Gi:

Moon Chae Won:

Son Hyun Joo:

Lee Seon Bin:

Kim Young Chul:

Go Yoon:

Yoo Sun:

So far I'm unaware if this drama has been licensed on DramaFever or Viki, so I'm not sure where you can watch it. If I find out I'll post it in the comments!


Will anybody be watching this drama?

Anyone as excited as I am to see Lee Joon Gi again?


I've been watching Criminal Minds since I was little and I am so excited for this
I'm excited for this drama. Criminal Minds is one of my favorite show so I'm looking forward to see the similarities and differences between the series.
Same I couldn't agree more!
Ondramanice.com Viewasain.com These two are the only sites I could find the show. They won't be subbed til around 9 or 10 at least that's how long I had to wait today.
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I know right?!? I was so disappointed and then I was sad because I was looking forward to just finding it no problem after staying late at work but no the universe had to make me work for it. 😂It was worth it though! 😊
Great cast. I love the Criminal Minds series. I'm looking forward to seeing this. Thank you for the update.
Ikr! And you're welcome! :)
im really excited for this and waited half a yeqr
Me too! I'm disappointed that neither DramaFever or Viki have the rights to it though!!!