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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with my first week of underrated kpop groups!! This week for the Male group will be B.I.G!!!! I'll start with a Basic intro!
Boys In Groove, abbreviated as B.I.G that consists of Jhoon, Benji, Gunmin, Minpyo and Heedo debuted in 2014 under GH Entertainment. Their fandom name is Beginning.
Let's start with our lovely leader Jhoon!!
Stage Name: J-Hoon Birth Name: Im Junghoon Position: Leader, lead dancer, lead vocalist Birthday: July 15, 1990 Height: 172cm (5'8") / Weight: 62kg (136lbs) Blood Type: O
Next, Benji
Stage Name: Benji Birth Name: Bae Jaewook Position: main vocal, visual, face of the group Birthday: May 3, 1992 Height: 183cm (6'0") / Weight: 72kg (158 lbs) Blood Type: B
Stage Name: Gunmin Birth Name: Lee Gunmin Position: main dancer, vocalist Birthday: October 3, 1994 Height: 177cm (5'10") / Weight: 64kg (141 lbs) Blood Type: AB
Stage Name: Minpyo Birth Name: Gook Minpyo Position: main rapper Birthday: November 15, 1994 Height: 173cm (5'8") / Weight: 57kg (126 lbs) Blood Type: O
And lastly, the maknae Heed
Stage Name: Heedo Birth Name: Yoo Heedo Position: lead rapper, maknae Birthday: Aprill 22, 1996 Height: 180cm (511") / Weight: 60kg (132 lbs) Blood Type: B
and now, some of their music videos!
They're not in any particular order Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful The AMS Squad @BBxGD @QueenPandaBunny @WinKonVIP @awkwardjazzy @MelissaGarza @SimplyAwkward, and @amobts AMS Unicorns @ESwee @MissMinYoongi @JacquelineTakas @sukkyongwanser @stsmarlene @MonieManhiM