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She was mean, unfair, and a tease.
He hated it.
Hated seeing her in the window wearing a short skirt and a shirt the showed her midriff. She was play unfair teasing him while she was working. He wasn’t playing fair either by taking his shirt off while practicing. With both teasing one another, this wasn’t helping matters as both were hot and bothered by the fact they couldn’t do anything about it. He was still healing and she was refusing to do any sexual activity until he had a clean bill of health. By doing this they made a deal, a bet. If he won, Ji Su would have to meet his parents.
The other day, Jungkook’s mother called him asking him about her. Jungkook told his mother all that he could and lied about how they met. He said that Ji Su and he met at the café that was close to both her shop and his studio. Saying that they slowly became friends and things feel into place. In truth, everyone knew that both Ji Su and Jungkook met as a one-night stand that turned into something more. When he told Ji Su what he wanted her to do if he won made her hesitate in agreement.
For Ji Su if she won, Jungkook would have to model for her men’s line. He wasn’t that enthused about the idea, but it was a bet and neither of them could back out now unless one of them caved in. The big fashion show in Busan was weeks away and Ji Su was doing some finishing touches to a few of the suits. Mi Sun’s wedding dress was halfway completed. The dress would have been done if Mi Sun would stop changing her mind. Ji Su bit her tongue and let Mi Sun have her way. She was always like this with Mi Sun ever since they met. Always making decisions and then changing them in the last minute.
Ji Su was worried about Mi Sun and Jin’s wedding as that was also approaching at a fast rate. The wedding was planned for the 3rd of August. The wedding would be in full swing after Fashion week, which the wedding was two weeks away.
With Fashion week and the wedding, there was a big dance competition that was just days away. Jungkook, Hoseok, Taehyung, and Jimin have been in the dance studio all day and night for the past few weeks. Ji Su worried for Jungkook with his bruised ribs. However, if he was in pain he wouldn’t tell her and she wouldn’t ask.
Only days away and the four boys were having a hard time finding rhythm. Jungkook was just having a hard time breathing. They all decided to take a break which was the reason why Jungkook was glaring at Ji Su from a crossed the street.
“You have it bad Kookie.” Jimin said laying down on his back next to Jungkook. “What do you mean?” Jungkook asked not looking away from her.
“No sex until you’re healed. Does she know that you went to the doctor and he told you that you were looking good? Which it a surprise on how you heal fast.” Jimin said.
“I haven’t told her yet and I don’t plan to. I don’t want to lose just because of how bad I want it along with the torment she is doing to me.” He told Jimin while he watched Ji Su disappear to where she was no longer in sight. Closing his eyes, he laid back. He was exhausted and had a slight pain within his ribs.
“You won’t last.” Jimin told him.
“Thanks for the vote of confidence.” Jungkook opened his eyes and punched his hyung in the arm. Jimin came back and punched Jungkook, causing Jungkook to flinch just a little. “Reason why I said you won’t last is for the way you were staring at her. Staring at her like she was something good to eat. Plus, women can hold out longer than men can.” With that said Jimin stood up and walked out. Jungkook shook his head and sat up. Looking across the street to the store that his woman own was hard at work.
Standing up he walked over to his bag and decided to pay Ji Su a visit. Walking into the store one of the employees turned red upon seeing him enter. He looked down and realized that he didn’t put his shirt back on. Jungkook just smiled and walked towards that back.
“Ji Su as my maid of honor I need your opinion about something.” Jungkook heard Mi Sun, his future sister in law asked his girl.
“If this is about your dressed I am putting my foot down. You’re not making any more changes.” Ji Su shouted from her desk.
“But….” Mi Sun from what Jungkook saw was pouting at Ji Su.
“Nope not going to happen. You have three weeks until the big day. If you have me change anything else you won’t have a dress to wear on your big day.” Ji Su said putting her foot down. She kept quite in hopes that Mi Sun would stop with the whole changing the design on the dress.
However, with three weeks left Ji Su wasn’t going to change anything else. She ideas on her own that Mi Sun didn’t know about.
“Fine then you will have to help me address the invites later tonight. Jin can’t as he is helping his mother out with something. He won’t tell me what it is. I have a feeling that his mother is going to surprise me with something.” Mi Sun sounded annoyed as she spoke. Jungkook stayed where he was eavesdropping.
“I take you’re not sending one to your mother?” Ji Su asked. Jungkook watch Mi Sun go stiff.
“I told her about the engagement and you know what she told me? ‘Oh, you are going to get married? I feel bad for the man who is.’ I can’t believe that woman is my mother, the one who pushed me into things that I had no interest in and pushed me to multiple marriage meetings.”
“I know she is one horrible person. Or as grandma would put, ‘an evil bitch.” Both girls said it at the same time and laughed.
“I wish she was here. She would be hands deep with helping me with this wedding. She would also be happy about Jungkook. She would be making fun of him for looking so young.” Mi Sun said to Ji Su remembering of the elderly woman whom was Ji Su’s grandmother. That woman was the one who raised these two girls into the women that they are today. “We should pay her a visit this week.” Mi Sun said.
“Yes, we should.” Ji Su said and Mi Sun turned around heading back to her office whipping a tear away. Jungkook took a step towards Ji Su’s office to see her looking at a photo frame. He assumed it was her grandmother. She looked up feeling someone was watching, which she was right, Ji Su smiled when she locked sapphire eyes with his Smokey gray eyes.
“Hi.” Was all she said while placing the photo frame back down.
“You know you are not playing fair.” He placed his bag down and place his hands on the desk leaning towards her. Ji Su just shrugged and looked away. She didn’t care if she was playing fair or not. He wasn’t right now in her office.
“Ji Su, you received a package. I signed for-” Mi Sun said stopping mid-sentence upon seeing Jungkook’s bare back. “Jungkook this is not a place for any type of activity. Please put a shirt on.” Mi Sun walked around Jungkook handing the package to Ji Su before turning back around to her office.
Ji Su smiled and stood up to close her office door. Jungkook turned around to face Ji Su, sitting on her desk.
“You know I wouldn’t be surprised if noona and hyung have both spent hours of activity within her office.” Jungkook said smirking at the thought.
“Actually, they don’t. Their relationship is a vanilla type. Always in the bedroom and never in a public place. They both keep their work at work and relationship at home.” Jungkook nodded and watched Ji Su walked back to her desk to open the package that Mi Sun brought her.
While she was opening the package, Jungkook found his shirt within his bag and put it on. He sat down in the chair that was in front of her desk. He watched her take what looked like pictures out. She sat down and went through them. Jungkook assumed it was photos of her styles that designed. But he was wrong when she handed him the photos.
Upon seeing them he heart stopped. The photos where of him getting beat and him beating the man that was beating him. Closing his eyes and clinching the photos in his left hand. Someone was out to either get him and Ji Su to end things or someone was threatening him.
“Jungkook when you are ready to share I am here to listen. Just like how you were there for me.” Ji Su said to him watching Jungkook slowly open his eyes. His eyes were full of worry.
Ji Su and Jungkook were by the apartment complex walking around the lake. They left her office with Ji Su telling him that a different atmosphere might help. They walked a decent pace that wasn’t fast nor was it slow. He was holding her hand trying to find away on telling her about those photos. Ji Su stayed with her word and waited until he was ready.
“When I was in the states studying things weren’t as simple or fun as most make it out to be. The first day of dance and manage classes I bumped into the alpha on campus. I apologized and went on my way. Short after a week I didn’t know it, but on that day, I was his target, his next punching bag. For the first semester of my freshman year was hell. I wanted to come back, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking that if I didn’t come back I would be a failure. So, I started to take classes on self-defense. When I was on campus I found ways to avoid him. I was doing great until my senior year came. I thought I was free of him and his buddies, as they were already graduated." Jungkook took a deep breath and sat down on a nearby bench.
Ji Su sat next to him and held his hand in her lap. While she was processing what he shared with her. Thinking back to the photos and his fighting, Ji Su assumed that he was defending himself from them man that attacked him.
“A month before graduation, I was getting warnings of him coming after me. See he wasn’t partially happy with me since I was now the alpha male on campus. I wasn’t the scared freshman he ran into that first day.” Jungkook continued. “The warnings soon became random attacks and that last one I defended myself. Those photos that you received was that night of the last random attack. He was coming after me for the last time and I was ready. We fought to where there was blood but that didn’t stop us. I took one swing at him and he was out. Cops arrived and I spent a night in jail. The school heard about it and gave me a ticket back to here. They told me that I shouldn’t expect to graduate as I was expelled.”
“Did they know that it was self-defense?” Ji Su asked.
“They do know. That guys parents didn’t press charges and told the school that I should receive my diploma. They sent me a letter stating that a month ago.” Ji Su stood up letting go of his hand pacing in front of him.
Jungkook watched her trying to figure out what she was thinking about. She stopped and looked at him.
“The attack a few weeks ago wasn’t random, was it?” Ji Su asked.
“Do you know who did this to you?”
“Is this person someone that I know?” Jungkook didn’t answer. “Is it Jae? Is he the one who sent people to attack you?” Jungkook still didn’t answer.
Ji Su started to walk away when she knew he wasn’t going to answer. She didn’t need confirmation, because she knew the answer. “
Ji Su.” Jungkook said following her. He said her name again this time a little louder. Ji Su was deep in her own thoughts thinking that if Jae was coming after Jungkook then was Jae going to do to her if targeting Jungkook wasn’t going to work. Jungkook grabbed her left arm turning her around.
“Jungkook why didn’t you tell me? If he can’t get to you and break you then he is going to come after me. He is just doing this because it who he has become over this past year.” Ji Su said in a franc way.
“No, he is trying to tell me to let you go as you are still his. However, he doesn’t own you. I don’t plan to let you go let alone let him win. You have my word.” Jungkook told her taking both of his hands to cup he face to her look at him.
"I don’t want him to hurt anymore.” JI Su whispered feeling tears build up. In the back of her mind she could hear a small voice that was saying what a big baby she had become.
“Baby he won’t trust me. We need to be strong for whatever else he throws at us.” Ji Su said nothing and stood on her tip toes, she was still short even with the heels that she had on, giving him a simple peck on the lips. Jungkook took he lips and deepen the kiss to show her that he loved her. That nothing was going to happen to her.
Lee was sitting on Jae’s lap while that were enjoying some fun within his hot tub. Jae wanted to celebrate that today would be the day that Ji Su would be coming back to him. Lee was sipping her champagne when Jae untied her bikini top, exposing her chest. Liking what he was seeing, he groped her causing her to moan in delight.
Jae heard footsteps rushing to where he was at. He continued to play with Lee’s breast before moving further down. The poor man that was coming in was embarrassed at the scene was unfolding before him. Lee’s moans were loud for all to her.
“Well what news have you brought me?” Jae asked with a groan when Lee’s hands move to his waistband.
“I’m sorry to report to you that the photos did nothing. It didn’t break them, those photos made what they had stronger.”
“I see. I guess I will have to do this myself.” Jae said closing his eyes in pleasure of what Lee was doing to him. “Lee my dear will you do me a favor?”
“Anything for you oppa.” She said as Jae picked her up and thrusted his member deep within her making scream loudly in pleasure.
“Next time you see Jungkook seduce him to were Ji Su wouldn’t be able to forgive him.” Lee couldn’t answer as she was enjoying how rough Jae was fucking her. Jae was going to have Ji Su back. If seducing doesn’t work then he would have to hurt her to get her back.
On No what does Jae have planned?
Sorry for the ast part I'm sure you all will be sick but that is who Jae is. Thank you all for your support it means lot. I plan to update more for everyone to read.
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those assholes you can do it JUNGKOOK AND JI SU FIGHTING ✊✊✊
Ugh can he die please I hate others who ruin people's happiness
Just wait in due time.
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! That rat bastard!!!! How dare he damage her and her boy!!!!!!! Every time I read this, I always think of Jae of Day6. Am I wrong? Also, I can see Lee as a blonde haired bish! Again, am I wrong? I don't want to be thinking of the wrong people!!
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Ok. Thanks for telling me!