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What had been speculated before is now very public -- the United States and Israel differ on how to deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions. While both governments reject any possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran, they are clearly at odds over a possible agreement as soon as this week that would loosen economic sanctions against Tehran in exchange for a suspension of part of its nuclear program. President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he didn't know if what he called an interim agreement with Iran could be reached, but he said the goal was to ensure Iran gave up any ambitions to develop nuclear weapons. The negotiations would buy time so "we could see if they could get to the end state of a position where we, the Israelis and the international community could say Iran's not seeking a nuclear weapon," Obama told business leaders at a Wall Street Journal forum. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects the agreement sought by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at the international talks that resume Wednesday in Geneva.
not sure how I feel about his
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Care to elaborate @vngleberry ?
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yeah netenyahu is not a compromising kinda guy
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He is pretty crazy
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