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The Asylum part1

Heloooooo I'm Cry baby I have a very...well very interesting life and I want you guys to learn about it...and yes I love dressing like a doll baby, don't judge me!!!

I do it as often as i can,well as often as docter Hernandez lets me that makes me so sad when he makes me put on that dumb,stupid,and boring gown...but atleast he still let's me wear my little bows and socks and my slippers.

But I have to go now...its time for bed...thats another thing I hate,why a bed time...its so stupid!.

But atleast I can see my friends in the morning, nighty night lovesā›¼

The Asylum Part1: snake in the garden

I woke up to the sound of my shades being pulled open. Rolling over in bed I saw one of the workers as she walked out of the room.

Well time to wake up now, I really wish I could sleep in, garden work was very hectic the other day. Bella found a snake in the yard and attempted to drink his blood. Ewwww! Right *shutters at the thought* and I messed up my favorite pink dress when I tried to help her as he workers pulled her away.
~~~Flash back~~~
"Give it back! it's hers she found it!" I yelled as I pulled on the now dead snake helping Bella and Anastasia pull.

"Look everyone drop the snake nowa"one of the guards yelled but I was not letting go of that snake, feeling the warm and wet skin of it through my small hands...ew!

I felt it slipping as I tried desperately to hold on. "Oh no he's slipping!" I yelled leaning forward with it. "Crybaby don't you let this snake go, ya hear!" Bella said looking back to me and I nodded biting my lip and leaning forward wasnt a good idea at all *shakes my head*

When I leaned forward the snake slipped from my grasp as I gasped and fell to the mud from watering the plants and eeveryone gasped.

I sat up with the mud in my hair and on my dress tearing up. "M-m-my dress!" I cried out and the workers looked to each other nervous.

~~~end of flash back~~~

I crawled to the head of my bed looking out the window seeing it was a gloomy day*sighs* well...time to get changed for gym.

"Its your fault your hear little melanie" I shook my head holding onto my little pink tails. The voice she was back and no one's here to help me *tears up*

"N-No my name is crybaby!" I yelled gripping onto my hair.

"Is that what your dead mother named you" it said and I cried holding onto my knees as I pulled them to my chest rocking myself.