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"Radel, 37, has stood out in Congress for his hyper, gregarious manner" Gee, I wonder why. "Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine in D.C. Superior Court on Wednesday morning, admitting he had purchased the drug from an undercover officer in Dupont Circle last month. Radel, a former TV broadcaster just 10 months into his first term in Congress, was sentenced by Judge Robert S. Tignor to one year of probation on the misdemeanor charge. Radel will undergo treatment in Florida, and he said he is also seeking counseling in the District." “I hit a bottom, and I realize I need help.” -Radel I've heard that one before...everytime someone gets caught buying coke from an undercover. By the way, how is it legal for an undercover to sell you cocaine and then arrest you for possession? That's absurd. When are we going to end the drug war? "Radel invited the friend and agent to his home to use cocaine, according to court papers. The agent declined. But then they moved to the agent’s car, where Radel purchased 3.5 grams of cocaine. The sale price was $250, the documents said." That's way overpriced.
total bro
I think DC is just expensive
it was probably shit, did you see how much he overpaid
he must had bought some fire cocaine
you cant blame the guy
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