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I decided I liked the theatrics of the live version more than the better sound quality of the studio version. The song is about life on the road. GFR drummer Don Brewer: "Our manager kept saying, 'Why don't you just write songs about what you do: you're out here on the road, you're going to this hotel, you go to different places, there's people, you come into town...' So the thought came into my mind, 'We're coming to your town, we'll help you party it down.' That's really what we were doing - we were coming into town and we were the party. That's where the line came from, and the next thought I had was, 'We're an American band.' It wasn't to wave the flag or anything, it was just simply what we were. It was a true description and it kind of rolled off my mind. I went home and worked on the concept for a while and picked up a guitar; I'm not really a great guitar player, I can play 2 finger chords and that kind of stuff. I worked out the chord structure and I brought it in to rehearsal one day and there you go - we just let it go from there. It had a mind of its own." The people in it: "Up all night with Freddie King, I've got to tell you, poker's his thing" The Blues great was GFR's opeing act. Freddie would pay his band, then make thme stay up all night playing poker, where Freddie would win all the money back. The "4 young chiquitas in Omaha" They were four groupies waiting on the band in a the lobby of their Omaha hotel. The band though that "chiquitas" sounded better than "groupies" or "young girls". "Sweet Sweet Connie was doing her act" This was the famous groupie, Connie Hamzy. Some of her rumored conquests include Brewer, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Huey Lewis, Peter Criss, and Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. According to her, she didn't have "the whole band," as stated in the lyrics, but she came pretty close - guitarist Mark Farner was the lone holdout.
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