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Long time no talk. Sorry I've been MIA, I just finished my classes and about to graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Business Management. Now that I'm liberated from school obligations, I will be able to write more.
Those that have read my series of First Time In Korea, I'm continuing it. It was requested or voted on a year ago. So I'm here to fulfill my promise. Please let me know if you have any requests or questions. Let's begin.
Photos are credited to their owners, no copyright infringement intended.

Recap: He bent down and placed soft butterfly kisses all over my face and gave me open-mouthed kisses on my neck, sucking and biting to leave his mark; knowing that it won't come off for a few days. He trails back up to the underside of my jaw, I move my head to give him better access, when he reaches my lips, it's like a wild fire is blooming from the inside out scorching everything but his kisses and touches. He grabbed my hair and yanked gently, I gasped and he thrust his tongue in and had me melt like butter. He pulled away and my head landed on his chest, his rapid heart beat matching mine, when I heard the last call for my flight. He tilts my chin to face him and look him in the eye, "Before those marks fade away, I will make new ones to replace them. I'll see you off, come on." As he said that, he's eyes glinted of love and something hot that could burn my clothes off. I was standing at the gate, my fingers linked with his, he pressed a kiss on my knuckles and slowly let go. I walk backwards, my eyes never leaving his. He mouthed, I LOVE YOU. As a tear rolled down my face, I knew that this love will eventually fizzle out and we will never see each other again. When I reach my seat, I look across the seats to see my girls and I feel my lips tremble and I bring my hands to cover my face as I quietly cry my heart out.....
Through out the flight, I tried to stifle my sniffles and tears. My friends tried to reassure me that Kris will text me once we land and that if we worked hard, we can make this work. My pessimistic self wouldn't allow them to reassure me. Once the plane landed, I had over 10 messages and 3 voicemails. 6 messages and 2 voicemails from Kris; asking me how the flight went and what his schedules looks like in the upcoming weeks and how much he misses me. My heart soared when I heard his voice and I saved his messages, so I could look at them whenever I feel lonely. The rest of the messages was from Jin, Namjoon, Jungkook, and Jackson. I don't know how Jackson and Jungkook got my number, probably from Jin, but it was nice of them to wish me a safe flight. I texted Kris back, letting him know I'm home safe and that I will call him at a decent time since I'm bone- tired and I want to sleep. He shoots off a text, saying he will give me a morning call, I smile and send him an okay, I'll be waiting text.
I roll up to my crib and unlock the door, drop my suitcase in the living room and plop on the couch and sleep. ************************************************************************************************************** 10 am*********************************************************
My phone starts ringing, without moving my head, my arm starts to look for it; it's in my back pocket. I reach for it and click answer, I turn my head to place it on my ear.
"Hello?" I say groggily.
"Hey, baby! I'm giving you a morning call" says Kris all happy.
I grunt, "ughn, can you call back in a few hours?" I'm still sleep-deprived, not registering the fact that Kris is calling me from a different time zone, which at 10pm he should be resting but it is 11pm over there.
"Oh, um...I just wanted to hear your voice, but if you really want I can call you later?", his voice sounds dejected.
My mind is telling me to wake up, there's something in Kris's voice that you should be paying attention to. I battle with my sleep and my consciousness, until my awareness kicks in, waking me up completely about Kris; it took a fraction of a second for this battle to take place and I was then able to reply to Kris, without missing a beat.
"Nah, I'm awake now, since I got to hear your lovely voice....I miss you," I whispered the last phrase. My feelings washing over me.
"I do too," He whispers. "I miss you soooooo much, I wish you can stay here and live with me!"
I sit up from the couch and stretch, "I don't think it's a good idea."
"Why not?", I can hear him huffing and imagine his lips in a pout. I giggle. "What's so funny?"
"I would be the only girl in a dorm full of guys," I say that to let it linger in the air to give him an idea why it's a bad idea for me to stay.
"Yeah, nevermind I said that. It's a horrible idea," he says sounding serious, I laugh.
"Don't worry, my eyes are only for you." I say, flirtatiously. He chuckles, "They better be."
"So, how was today? Was there an event today?" I ask to change the subject and to satisfy my curiosity of what he did while I was sleeping.
"Yes, we performed at musicbank and then, the guys went out to eat after it was over." He says.
I get up from the couch and I start unpacking my belongings, while we've been talking. "That's good to hear, I'll probably check you out, I mean check your video out later," my cheeks feel hot. I hear on the phone, his husky voice chuckling, "You should be checking me out, if not I'll have to fly over and spank you." The thought brings unbridled thoughts and images that makes me squeeze my legs together. I clear my throat and look at my phone to see if he's still on, the time says 11:20 am. "Oh, it's getting late for you, I'll call you in the morning, ok Kris?" I say.
"But I want to keep talking to you, don't you want that too?" his voice sounding sincere and sad, but I know him. "Don't make me feel guilty, I already feel bad that I have to go without hearing your voice for 12 hours. I'm always thinking about you and that's why you need to sleep now, so you can wake up rested and call me. Ok?", trying to sound practical and logical for him to understand why I said that.
"Ok, fine. Stop thinking about my well-being and being so cute." He says, sounding like a little kid. "How am I being cute?" I asked incredulous.
"Because you're worried about me and I find that cute. Saranghae <3 Jinny" he says the last part gently. "I love you too, Kris. Goodnight booboo!" I say teasingly and I hear him laugh and then, he hangs up the phone.
I drop my phone on my bed, looking around my bedroom, seeing my luggages empty I pick them up and store them under my bed. I pick out an outfit to wear and I go to the bathroom and shower; thinking of what I should do today, since I still have one more day until I have to go look for a job.
Next day, I receive a morning call from Kris. This time it was really short, all he could say was good morning and that I should have a great day since I've heard his voice. Last night, I called him and gave him his morning call, which was longer than his morning call but who's counting. Today, I made up a plan to go job hunting. I finished my degree in Marketing and took my first vacation as a graduation present to myself to fly to South Korea. All I have to do now is to look for job openings online. I grabbed my laptop and went to star bucks, a few blocks up the main road. I ordered a Iced Chai Tea Latte, extra chai, add 8 shots of caramel syrup and caramel drizzle. Once I got it, I settled down in a corner and powered up my laptop.
After 4 hours, submitting my resume in online applications, my eyes needed a break. I look around the place, seeing many students in their own worlds, studying; remembering that was me just a few months ago. My eyes kept wandering around until my eyes was locked on by a handsome guy a few feet away, facing me. I blushed and looked away. I'm the type of person who sees a good-looking guy and I can't function, my tongue trips up, and I blush incessantly. I smile to myself, he probably thinks I'm a weirdo who stares at handsome guys. I think it's time to get back to work. A few keystrokes later, I get a cup of coffee handed to me from an employee. I look to them, confused about to tell them I didn't order this and the employee points over their shoulder and I follow his gesture to the handsome guy. The handsome guy, which is what I'm going to continue calling him, lifts his mug and smiles. I give him an awkward smile and look at the cup of coffee. I don't usually drink coffee, it makes me sleepy because of my ADHD; personally, it makes me sleepy. While I was thinking of this, the handsome guy is standing next to me. I'm startled and jump a little in my seat.
"Can I help you?" I said, my heart racing a bit because of his presence and appearing out-of-nowhere. "I'm sorry if I startled you, I just wanted to give you a boost of caffeine with a cup of coffee, so that you can continue working on whatever it is you've been working on for the past 3 hours." He says teasingly, he smiles crookedly and a hidden dimple pops out on his right cheek. I find men attractive when they have dimples. I smile, but this time it's more genuine.
"Thank you for the cup of coffee, which I don't drink, and for your thoughtfulness that's borderline creepy for knowing I've been here for more than an hour." I smile sweetly, sounding sassy. His eyebrows raises and there's a gleam in his eyes and his crooked smile is replaced with a full smile, dimples more prominent and teeth white and straight. "Well, when there's a pretty girl sitting in front of me, it's hard not to notice, especially if she's been here for more than an hour. Plus, your expressions had me interested." He chuckles and I blush. "What expressions?" I feel even more embarrassed, ever since he mentioned pretty girl.
"That's a secret," He winks at me and smiles before saying, "My name is Ricky Kim and you are?"
"I'm Jinny." I smile. I would've said, I'm taken; but I don't want to seem full of myself and I'm not sure if he actually cares. I don't want to embarrass myself if he actually says that he isn't there to get my number or interested in me in that way. In the past, I've been embarrassed because I would say that. Now that I've matured, I hope I would not let past mistakes repeat.
For Those that do not know who Ricky Kim is, I will show you. "photo is credited to owner." **********************************************************************************************
I'll upload every monday, if I can. Thank you so much for keeping up with me.

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