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Hello ToppKlass!

This week's theme is Favourite Era of your member, so let's get right to it!

It's so hard to pick, but I narrowed my decision down to my top three eras:

Annie (Late 2014):
Annie is one of my favourite Topp Dogg songs+eras. Hansol's just looks so cute in the era, and his dancing always has me in awe. I love the stage outfits on him, as well. The red, oversized shirt with his name on it just makes him look so cuddly and soft. And his lines? They're just too cute.

The Beat (Late 2015):
The Beat will always be one of my favourite albums. Though I'm not a huge fan of this hairstyle, I think Hansol is one of few that can pull it off really well. I also love the fashion, along with the makeup. And Hansol in earrings? Chokers?? What is breathing???

Rainy Day (Late 2016):
LOOK AT HIS SMILE AHHHHHHH. No but seriously, Hansol's pastel pink hair is adorable. He also had hot pink and orange, which were also great looks on him. He was so soft in this era.

Well I died just by making this card. I wonder if you're dead yet, too.

Which era was your favourite?

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Great card!