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Chapter 7: Making Friends pt. 2

A few days after the Bubble Tea occasion with Sehun; you were back doing your favorite job of cleaning the dorms - this was the one time you were allowed to enter the boys' rooms.

You plugged in your earphones and thrusted the vacuum nozzle around each room; it was a workout in itself that got yoy sweaty by the end of it. The only thing that was keeping you going was the fact that you'd finally saved enough money to take a trip back home to see your family; your heart swelled thinking about your parents faces and your sister's when they would see you at the arrivals gate at Heathrow airport.

The boys were in training and you weren't needed, this was why you were in the dorm alone, left to your own thoughts.

You opened the furthest bedroom door on the right - you could tell it belonged to Luhan, Kris and Chanyeol due to several things; first of all you knew Luhan was keen on football since he and Minseok would usually go out after training to an empty park and pkay around with the very same football that rested against his bed.

The creams were obviously Kevin's that rested on the shelf since you distinctly remembered Yixing complaining about the amount of facial creams Kevin used daily - asking if he was a woman; to which Kevin replied saying;

'Don't talk about it in front of y/n at least Yixing - and I don't even havr that many...'

Then the third object was Chanyeol's guitar that rested against his bed - you knew it was his since he fiddled around with it while resting on the couch before dinner - him and Baekhyun would usually jam along to his guitar while you and Kyungsoo cooked.

'Uhhh these boys' You thought pushing the vacuum around. However it got stuck against the carpet. You almost swore in anger, trying your best to shove it. It finally broke free after one big push - but unfortunately; before you could save it; the nozzle knocked over Chanyeol's guitar; it hit the ground with a thud.

'Oh my god.' You dropped the nozzle, rushing to the guitar.

Your heart stopped.

And your eyes widened.

'OH NO.' You breathed.

A string had sprung up and coiled at the top of the guitar handle - meaning you'd broken one of the strings.

'OH NO!!!' You squealed - starting to sweat even more so; these were definitely guilt sweats.

You turned the vacuum cleaner off feeling queasy with guilt.

'Hey what are you- YAH!' Chanyeol had entered right at the wrong moment and rushed to the guitar - picking it up and examining the broken string.

'You broke my guitar! How are you going to pay for it huh!? Aish you're so clumsy.' Chanyeol yelled angrily - rubbing his temples frustrated.

'Hey what happened, Chanyeol why are you yelling?' Baekhyun entered the room upon hearing Chanyeol's angry voice. Chanyeol showed him the guitar and Baekhyun bit his bottom lip in response.

'Yah Channie don't be so angry.' Baekhyun said looking over at you worriedly and then back to Chanyeol.

'Ah so annoying.' Chanyeol said and with that he dropped the guitar onto his bed and walked out, leaving you standing still - eyes welling up.

'Chanyeol-ah, wait.' Baekhyn said watching Chanyeol slouch onto the couch.

'What?' Chanyeol said completely at ease; whistling and relaxing into the seat.

'Wasn't that guitar already broken? I could've sworn you said you'd tried to fix the string by tying it-'

'Shhhh she'll hear you - yeah it is broken, but she doesn't need to know that.' Chanyeol whispered, grinning like a naughty school kid. But Baekhyun eyed Chanyeol unsmiling.

'Yah don't look at me like that.' Chanyeol muttered shrugging his shoulders, but Baekhyun persisted to judge.

'Aish fine, I'll let her feel guilty for a bit, then I'll tell her I already broke it - deal?' Chanyeol said picking up the TV remote control and turning the TV on.

'Jeez I didn't realise you liked her this much since this bothers you so much, I thought you'd at least chuckle a bit.' Chanyeol mumbled changing the channel.

'No it's just - not nice.' Baekhyun muttered punching Chanyeol playfulky before sitting down next to him, he couldn't help but feel uneasy knowing you were racked with guilt over the guitar.

You carried on cleaning the place before immediately rushing out of the apartment to repay your debt. You clutched onto the money you'd saved up in your other purse - your family would understand if you couldn't see them this month...repaying a debt was much more important...
Chanyeol entered the apartment with Kevin, Zitao and Jongin after rap practice. He stretched his long limbs before throwing his shoes off and waltzing over to his room. Chanyeol could smell the delicious food beibg cooked by Kyungsoo and you. His stomach grumbled in anticipation and he couldn't wait to eat up so he rushed to drop his bag onto his bed.

He tiredly flicked on the bedroom light and froze.

His eyes widened.

Then he looked confused; one eyebrow rose.

'Did someone leave this here?' He thought...

A brand new guitar rested against his bed, but he couldn't understand why.

'Y/N-shi, smells delicious, ohhhh can I have some soy sauce please - thank you~' Zitao said dumping a whole lot onto his noodles and then wolfing it down along with Jobgin. Even Kevin seemed to be eating very fast; the boyd were all so hungry while you all sat around the table eating dinner. You could now sit and eat with the boys merrily since a few days ago the manager Noona who was making sure you were settled in finally decided you had and moved out.

'Yah, who's is this?' Chanyeol asked walking out of his room and into the main room. He stood in front of everyone with a guitar - but everyone looked clueless...except you. You sat still; squirming and looking up at the guitar.

'Oh it's yours.' You mumbled turning red, feeling the shame consume you once more.

'Eh, why did you get him a guitar?' Yixing asked confused, slurping down his noodles.

'Because I broke Chanyeol's guitar today while I was vacuuming, I'm so sorry once again Chanyeol-shi.' You said bowing your head slightly.

Baekhyun looked over at Chanyeol; shaking his head slowly in disappointment

Chanyeol stared at the guitar surprised - guilt immediately consumed him. He couldn't even hear the next few words you said;

'-so I got that to replace it - I'm so so sorry if it's not as good quality as your last guitar; but it was all I could afford - if you don't like it I can return it and-'

'But... y/n-shi, weren't you saving uo tickets to go see your family? Isn't it your mum's birthday soon?' Luhan asked looking at you then back at Chanyeol who looked dumbstruck.

'Hah yeah, but if I break something I have to replace it regardless!' You exclaimed tryung to wave the issue off. But a small part of you felt so downhearted by using all your allowance to buy a new guitar instead of going home. Your heart ached a little in your chest, but you tried not to show it. You barely noticed your face go red. Kyungsoo, Kevin and Jongin watched you; knowing full well how much you must have been feeling.

Both Yixing and Baekhyun gave judgmental looks at Chanyeol - it was in that moment that Chanyeol realised what a dick he had been towards you.

Jongin's eyes lingered on you for a few more seconds than the other two; watching you fight back the tears while you ate your noodles quietly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your eat.

'Well that's nice of you, come, sit down Chanyeol.' Junmyeon said trying to ease the tension in the room.
You lay on your bed, listening to the buzz of the small de-humidifier in your room. You breathed out a deep sigh thinking about your family...

Hopefully they're doing well... mum's birthday is in a few days... maybe I should send her a card at least....

*Knock Knock*

A knock on the door interrupted your thoughts. You sat up confused, but then jumped off the bed and straightened out your hair and clothes before opening the door.

Before you could speak, a whole wad of Korean won was stashed into your open hand.

Chanyeol stood in front of you shyly but determinedly pushed the money into your hand and closing your fingertips around it.

You looked up shocked and blushing; Chanyeol's ears were equally as red as your cheeks.

'Chanyeol-shi, what-what's this for-'

'-I returned the guitar.' He mumbled shyly.

'So here's your money back.' Chanyeol continued, looking everywhere but you.

'But Chanyeol I br-'

'No, no you didn't, it doesn't matter anyways. So go; go and see your family.' Chanyeol cut in looking into your eyes seriously.

You opened your mouth to protest, but then closed it - knowing Chanyeol would not compromise.

You stood still; eyes welling up while you looked at the cash.

You looked back up at Chanyeol, your heart filled with thankfulness - you gulped back the tears.

You nodded your head.

'Ok... thank you Chanyeol-shi.' You said choking up. You bowed humbly in front of him.

You stood up straight; eyes widening once more; realising Chanyeol was bowing too.

You stood still, silent for a moment - unsure of what to do.

'I'm sorry.'

You couldn't believe the words that had left his mouth.

Chanyeol scratched the back of his head awkwardly before straightening up and looking down at you.

'I'm sorry... for being a dick. I'm not like that really.' Chanyeol said gazing right at you. You blushed at his words, but took a deep breath before replying;

'It's ok - friends?' You lifted your hand towards Chanyeol.

He looked down at it shocked; but then slid his hand into yours - forming a handshakr.

'Friends.' Chanyeol replied, giving a sheepish grin that made you smile.

And in that moment all was forgiven and forgotten... ~phew~



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