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I will admit I was a bad girlfriend some would say. I knew that Jay was the boss type before we even exchanged words. Yes, he did make it clear that he was always getting money and that was all he knew. He was not familiar with having a healthy long term relationship. I was okay at first about him canceling plans last minute, not making it to celebrations, and being ghost. I eventually had enough and began following his lead. However it was not out of love of what I do. It was more out of rage at Jay for basically neglecting me.

Now I will admit when it came to money and gifts Jay did do his part with sending me nice ish. But he never sent himself.

After taking the bull shit for 7 months I became CEO of my own business. It was a lingerie company called Phire.Β  We make sexy lingerie for all sizes. My bestie and I always loved fashion and with the help of Instagram we blew up over night. We have been busy non stop and now we are adding a makeup line called Death by Beauty.

I've been too busy advertising, modeling my own products, editing pics, connecting with investors, even Jessi contacted us and wanted to make a purchase. I have been ignoring him for the past 3 months.

We are about to have a meeting with her and her people to have her as basically like ambassador. The face of our brand. We were in the meeting with Jessi and her people when Jay continued to blow up my phone. I was so embarrassed.

"Um look like someone is really trying to reach you." Jessi said.

"I'm so sorry Jessi. I thought I put my phone on silent. You are what is impotant." I say while placing my phone in silent.

Jay was sending me disrespectful ass texts. He was super pissed off. However, I was about my money and my bestie was giving me the evil eye. We were able to tie the knot and we signed papers. Jessi was willing to be the face of our brand. We were quickly setting up the first photoshot.

I texted Jay back.
Look baby I'm busy. I would think you would at least unserstand that.

Jay texted back.
If you don't answer your phone Imma be busy looking for someone else.

I called him back and cussed him out.

"How the fuck you threaten me with all that bull shit when you have been pushing me..your ride or die to the side for almost a year!"

"Whoa where is all this coming from baby girl? You need to chill. All I wanna do..."

"Look this is not the time and place. I will speak to you when I'm free and calm. Until then you better chill and think about if you want to keep your dick or not!"

I hung up the phone and began pacing. I wanted to call him back and just break up. However, low key I knew I love Jay and I needed to calm down.

I had no idea that Jessi was spying in me I thought she left. My face was red when we locked eyes. I broke down and cried. Jessi gave me a hug.

"Look here baby girl it is tough for us boss women. Cry now but clean ur face for later. Keep your head up. I duno the whole thing about you and Jay. But I do know that he does love you. He brags about you all the time. But if is dead weight cut him off asap." Jessi said while comforting me.

"I'm so sorry. I know this is not professional at all Jessi." I said while slowly pulling away.

Jessi handed me some tissue. "No problem honey. Life can get real and these dudes can make it more difficult."

I had a busy schedule and low key I was worried about if Jay did fine some other lady after hearing his single Lonely Nights. However I had am interview scheduled and Jessi's photoshot was scheduled. When I walked in to pick out some peices for her to wear. I found some roses sitting on my desk. There was a note attached to it.

Hey baby let's not fight. I have been distant and it's cold out here without you baby girl. Please forgive me. Dok2 is throwing a lingerie throwing party tonight. Pick out something from your collection and come see Daddy.

Love Jay

I almost choked. I smelled the roses and laughed to myself. Come see Daddy? Jay is too much! That's why I love him. I got something for papi.

After work I quickly went to my stock to pull out something sexy. I pulled out my favorite ome piece sheer black lace lingerie. This was not even out yet and paired it with a red silk robe. I slipped on my black sexy red bottom heels and did my make up.

Imma make him appreciate what he has.

When I pulled up Jay sent me a picture with him holding a bottom. Saying come down the hall to the lion's den. Daddy got something hot and cold for you.

I almost accidentally put my car in reverse. This picture was super sexy I felt my core tighten. Jay and I have not had sex in a while. I have been aching for so long. I gather my thoughts and put my bad bitch attitude on.

People greeted me. They all knew I was Jay's lady and they reapected me. The house was packed with wild women, liquor, Mary Jane, and loud music. The place was lit! I danced a bit randomly and took a hit of a joint and Loco grabbed me.

"Jay wants you sis." Loco whispered.

I smiled and walked up the stairs. There was women running playfully from random men. Then I came upon a room with a lion's head as a knocker. I knocked and the door opened.

Jay was grinning from ear. I could hear music playing in the background. He handed me a glass of champagne and licked his lips while looking me over. He then kissed me deeply on the lips.

"Damn you look good baby." Jay said

"And so do you. But what is up with you distracting me with that picture." I walk to the bed and sit down.

Jay was watching me like a lion. "Ah to let you know I was not playing games."

"Games....something you tend to do all the time Park Jae-beom." I grin while sitting down my glass.

"Ah why you gotta say my government name baby. Look like you forgot your place when Daddy is around."

Jay quickly flipped me on my stomach amd pulled up my robe exposing my cheeks. He gave me two jard smacks. I screamed as I fel the lightning smacks. Jay smiled and then spanked me at least 4 more times.

"Daddy I'm sorry." I mumbled.

"What? Say it louder." Jay said while stranding over me.

"I'm sorry Daddy. Please forgive me." I said louder.

"Ah words are for basic bitches. Kings need action." Do you think I'm basic? Are you trying to disrespect me?" Jay said.

I quickly pulled down his silk pants and slammed his memeber so deep down my throat. I loved the sound of hearing me choke. I began moving my head back and forth while making sloppy sounds. Jay moaned while stroking my hair.

"Deeper baby." He moaned while placing his hands on the side of my head moving his hips.

I held my breath so that he had full access of my throat. Hearing him grunt made my core so hot. Suddenly I felt his warmth explode in my mouth and trickle down my throat.

"Mmm Daddy thank you so much."

Jay smiled and lifted me to the bed. He pulled off my robe amd ran his fingers along the lace details on my left breast.

"Ah only a good Daddy like me rewards his baby girl." He licked his lips.

Jay pinched my nipple amd then began suckinh ot through the thin lace material. I moaned as I began running my hands through his black hair. He did the same to the right. He began kissing my stomach and then he pulled my legs apart.

He softly kissed my inner thigh and pulled the bottom of my lingerie to th side. He slipped his finger inside me.

"Damn you already soaking." He said while looking up at me.

He began moving his finger deeper inside me while staring at my me. He added another one while sucking on my nub.

"Daddy no don't look at me." I squealed.

Jay frowned and slapped my womanhood with his hand. "I know you did not just tell me what to do with what belongs to me?"

Jay began softly smacking me causing me to become wetter. Suddenly Jay ripped away the bottom of my lingerie and slammed his memeber deep inside me. I heard a loud wet sound making me cry as he stretched me wide. He began pounding me hard and fast. He lifted me legs amd plaved them behind my head.

I was screaming out his name as he hit my spot. I felt hot liquid gushing on me. Jay pulled out and grinned while teasing my nub with his tip.

"Ah ride me." Jay said.

He laid on his back. I mounted him and slowly sat in him. I moaned as I felt him enter me. I began at a slow pace while kissing him deeply. He was talking dirty to me and bitting my neck. Then I negan riding him harder and faster. He graoned as he slapped my butt. Leaned back to see his sexy face. Jay eyes began rolling back as he mobed his hips to be riding him.

I felt a fire ripple inside and began seeing stars. Then I felt liquid bomb go off inside me as Jay held on to me shaking. I collapse on top of him drooling.

"Shit baby girl." He gasped.

"Jay..." I whispered.

Jay kissed me while laughing. "Are you drooling?"

I wiped my mouth blushing. "You should be ashamed! It has been too long! You did this!"

He laughed. "Yeah baby girl Daddy has got to do better. But I love you." He kissed my head.

"I thought words were for basic bitches?" I smirked.

Jay laughed and pulled me under the covers.


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