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" Does Love can move Mountains?" cr: jooni.com EPISODE 13 ES goes outside to throw out garbage. She sees Tan standing in front of the café with a dazed look and tears brimming in his eyes. She looks at him silently, feeling what he feels, as he struggles to breathe with the tears rising in his throat and his chest squeezing in pain. ES starts to cry, and tears fall on both ES and Tan’s cheeks, mirroring each other. Eun Sang walks over to Tan and asks if he is okay. Tan doesn’t answer. She tearfully asks what happened. Tan reminds her of the time she said in the US she would hold his hand and run with him if it got dangerous for him. “Does that still apply here?” Eun Sang shakes her head, still crying. Tan looks devastated: “I see.” Suddenly, ES rushes closer and wraps her arms around his neck and embraces him tight, standing on her toes. Tan embraces her back, relieved and comforted. Both cry into each other’s shoulders. (PICTURE 1) Esther and R are back at their house. Pissed, E asks R if she really didn’t know about Tan being illegitimate. R throws it back at her mom- mom should have checked before the engagement. E continues to complain so R tells her mom to be quiet so she can think. E says R doesn’t need to; she instructs R to just stay engaged to Tan until the time Tan and Won start fighting each other for Jeguk. They are bound to, especially since they are illegitimate and legitimate, respectively. They are each going to start buying up stocks and then the stock prices will rise. R is amazed and angry that her mom is able to calculate this even in this kind of situation. R goes to YD. She yells at him for not telling her about Tan before hand. “Kim Tan revealed it with his own mouth. Saying he is breaking the engagement.” She asks why YD kept this good hand a secret- what does he plan to do now? YD replies he is going to keep R’s mouth shut. “I’m not asking you for a favor, but warning you. Sister.” R asks why. YD replies it’s because it is the best thing he has ever done so far, keeping this a secret till now. “Also, it is one of the most hurtful things to Tan.” YD continues, “It seems Kim Tan has walked one step closer to Cha Eun Sang. So you should decide what you are going to do- break the engagement or not. Tan brings ES to Myungsoo’s studio. He wants her to stay here, although ES object. Tan says her excuses won’t work anymore since she hugged him. So cute these two. He sits her down on the futon, and ES feels a little nervous about the close distance. Tan asks where ES has been staying since the night she left his house. ES just asks why Tan cried, and the two go back and forth, neither one answering each other’s question. Tan finally answers ES, joking that he cried because penguins all over the world are going extinct. (PICTURE 2) Sounds are heard outside. MS is trying to get in, but Tan has already changed the passcode to the lock of the studio. ES wants to let MS in but Tan locks her in with his knees. Tan asks her again where she was- he was so worried he couldn’t sleep. ES’s phone rings. Tan sees it is YD and sighs. He picks it up. YD complains that Tan always picks up ES’s phone. Tan just wants him to get to the point. YD asks Tan to relay to ES that she should make her SNS account public. Or else. Tan tells YD that there is nothing for him to see on ES’s account. YD asking if Tan and ES are friends (on the social network service). Tan replies that they are lovers. ROFL. YD says to Tan, “You’ve let everyone know you are illegitimate. What were you thinking?” Tan doesn’t answer the question and hangs up. Tan sees pictures on the table that MS took of ES and Young at the camp. He gets jealous so ES asks, You’re a *delusional jealousy* hopeful. (*Othello syndrome in which a spouse holds the delusional belief that one’s partner is unfaithful). Tan grins, saying whoever becomes his wife will be happy to be. Eun Sang rolls her eyes. ES brings her books to the table, and Tan asks what she is doing. She replies, “What would a student be doing? Right, how would a 100th place student know?” Tan stomps over to the sofa. He just lays down at first to sleep, but then suddenly sits up to yell, “My answers were off by one line!” (Meaning he missed filling in one bubble on the scantron and all the other answers that followed were also wrong as a result.) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Tan asks ES how she can work with him in such close quarters with her. Eun Sang shrugs. Tan sits and stares at Eun Sang with a smile on his face, a boy totally smitten. (PICTURE 2) Time passes, and ES turns around to look at Tan. He is sleeping. She whispers, “Have a good dream.”But Tan is not actually sleeping. He replies, “I already am. You are there, in front of me.” (PICTURE3) Next morning, Tan and ES come out of the studio, late for school, and suddenly flashes of light bombard them. MS has sat out all night to catch them. He furiously takes pictures. (PICTURE 4) Tan, MS, and ES take the car to school together, sitting together in the back in THAT order. Ha! Tan threatens MS to to erase the pictures- “You don’t know but in the past I was able to hurt people using only a spoon. OMG, City Hunter reference! MS asks if Tan and ES are dating. Tan says yes. ES yells, “Yah!” Tan points out that ES hugged him last night. MS asks what they did after hugging. Tan makes a kissy face that makes both MS and Tan smirk and laugh. (PICTURE 4) ES and Tan are walking side by side to school. ES remembers back when Tan used to walk before. Tan asks with smile on his face, “Why, are you moved since we have spent the night together and are going to school together? Wife.” ( PICTURE 5) Tan holds out his hand her- “Take courage.” ES takes his hand slowly, but Tan waits patiently with a smile on his face. ES says, “I’m sorry I was so late.” She smiles. Tan notes, “See, you smile so well.” Tan and ES walk hand in hand. The other students whisper, but ES and Tan keep walking. R sees them from afar. (PICTURE 5) Tan and ES run into YD. YD stares at their hands. He asks what they are doing in an educational environment. Tan asks ES to go the broadcasting club room first. She starts to walk away, and YD tells ES to answer her own phone from now on. Tan tells her to keep walking. ES asks both to not beat each other up, and she walks away. Tan tells YD to not call ES. YD asks how Tan can reveals his secret with his own mouth, “It’s something I’ve been waiting to do.” Tan tells him it’s not too late; the other students don’t seem to know yet. YD replies that he is planning to, after building up its impact a little more. He ask Tan, “How will you clean up the mess?” Tan says he isn’t; he is just going to endure. “The person you knew well and the person I am now are a little different. So don’t act friendly or like you know me.” Tan walks away. ES is waiting in the broadcast room. R comes in. She says she will show ES something. Tan comes in telling R to not talk to ES from now on. R slaps Tan. ES gasps. Tan calmly says, “Yes, like this. Bother me and not Cha Eun Sang.” R tells Tan to shut up- he’s only a bastard. R asks ES why she was so shocked- at Tan’s secret or the slap. ES responds that it was R’s attitude- how can people like her say that so easily? R replies its because bloodline is the crown in their status group. “But new money like you can’t understand that, right?” (PICTURE 5) R faces Tan again. “She’s only at that level but you’re going to break the engagement with me for her?” She is peeved that Tan is not begging her to be his fiance considering his situation. Tan replies, “I’m sorry, but for me, it’s still not you.” Upset, ES leaves the room. Tan’s gaze follows her so R asks if he is going to follow ES out. He replies yes and turns to leave, but R speaks up, wondering why Tan’s birth mom pretended to be ES’s mom. Tan replies that R shouldn’t interested in either his mom, ES, or him. He leaves. Tan waits outside the girls’ bathroom that ES is in. He shoos other girls away. BN is passing by and asks Tan what he is doing in front of the girls’ bathroom. He tells her ES is inside so she should use another floor. BN complains that she helped ES out by letting her sleep at her house. Tan is absolutely delighted to hear this. He gives BN a high-five. BN runs away to tell CY that Tan touched her. ES comes out and hits Tan for embarrassing her like this. Tan asks her to use the boys’ bathroom to cry instead. Pfft! Tan tells ES not to cry since it is not her fault that he cried yesterday. ES asks that while she doesn’t know anything about business and stocks, is there no way Tan can be protected? Tan teases, “You hurt me before telling me to only protect myself, but now you want to protect me?” ES bashfully replies, “Yeah…. So what?” ES is taking a book out of her locker (the novel “The Solitary Room”), and CY comes to tease ES about Tan. BN comes, jealous. ES leaves, saying CY is threatening her. CY affirms, smiling, and leaves BN, saying he will meet her later in the cafeteria. YS comes to BN and comments that ES is getting her claws into CY too? BN should just break up with CY, since he is only a secretary’s son anyway- BN is too good for CY. BN gets mad; she’s never considered herself too good for CY. Sweet girl. YS says she is just warning BN before ES takes CY too, and ends up like R with her engagement broken. R is passing by at this moments so she stops. She asks who said the engagement is over. YS replies that all the students are saying Tan broke off the engagement because of R’s family and her mother’s remarriage. She asks if R’s mom is targeting YD’s dad next- she heard Esther took half of R’s birth dad’s business when they divorced. (PICTURE 6) R is peeved so she outs that YS’s mom is a room salon madam. All other kids hear, including Bo Na. BN is mad that YS made fun of CY considering her own family status. Suddenly, R asks BN to eat lunch together. (PICTURE 6) Turns out R has asked BN to each lunch so they can do what YD does to charity cases at lunch at the special table. Tan has shown up in the cafeteria after hearing from other students was is going on. CY shows up too, and BN tries to explain that YS made fun of him but R interrupts her to tell him the just let the girls do their thing. Tan sighs and grabs another student’s plate with curry and rice. He asks YS to move. He sits down, whining he is hungry. Tan acts like nothing is different, when R asks him if he doesn’t know what kind of seat he is sitting in. Tan feigns ignorance- “The seat closest to the food?” ES comes in. So does YD. He walks up to Tan, asking if Tan is going to break the rules (rules being treating the charity cases like this). Tan replies it is the rule that he made, so he is going to break it. YD replies that even if Tan made it, YD has been the one maintaining it until now. Tan shouldn’t be doing this without his permission. “You can’t break the rule. I will show you why. The seat is this type of seat.” Young Do pours the curry onto Tan’s suit jacket. Tan calmly gets up and as he takes off his jacket says, “Until yesterday, this seat was that type of seat, but starting from today, it is a seat in which this could happen.” He throws his jacket at YD’s face, saying sorry to ES. He tells YD to follow him. ES is not about the let this escalate and steps in and pulls Tan away. CY drags BN out of there too. YD and R are left alone with the other onlookers gone too. Outside, ES scolds Tan for fighting with YD constantly- Do they feel okay after doing that? Tan complains that YD started it, so ES replies that YD is a elementary school kid- she thought at least Tan is a junior high school. (PICTURE 6) Separately, CY and BN fight. BN explains that YS made fun of CY being a secretary’s son, but CY retorts that just BN shouldn’t have gone down to that level too. And what YS said was all true. The fact that BN got mad means she’s been ashamed all this time of CY. BN gets mad, saying that is not what she means. CY declares he is disappointed by BN’s actions. BN leaves CY, angry. Aww, I don’t my cute puppy couple to fight! (PICTURE 6) Tan comes home from school. Dad tells Tan to leave, and leave behind everything he has passed for. He’s not going to hold onto a son who is has refused his father obtaining him “insurance” for an easy life. KA tries to stop Dad and Tan, but Tan does what his father says. Tan replies to his father, “I know Rachel is my life insurance. But my insurance can’t become my life, father.” KA tries to stop Tan from leaving, but Tan replies he is not leaving but being chased out. ES runs out of her café. Tan informs her he has been chased out, coatless and all. He needs to borrow money from her to pay the taxi he took to get here- “I’ll pay you back.” ES hits him for taking the taxi when he has no money. Pfft! nside the café, ES informs Tan that when parents tell you get out, they really mean they will forgive you if you admit you are wrong. Tan replies he has done nothing wrong; therefore, he cannot plead. She asks what he will do,then, from now on with no money. Tan says, with a very serious and determined look on his face, that he will study hard and succeed. ES suggests sarcastically, that he tries to get on “K-Pop Star” instead (K-Pop Star is a popular singing audition program in Korea.) Tan explains he can’t sing. He asks ES to call HS, MS, BN, and CY. Ha! Tan has gathered HS, MS, and CY to ask them for house him, drive him to school, or buy him food. The boys are unresponsive. (PICTURE 7) BN has also arrived, and before BN can turn around to leave, CY volunteers to. Tan is pouty that no one is paying attention to him when he has been kicked out of the house. HS asks what happened. Tan gives the general idea, but not the actual secret. HS offers to let Tan stay at his house. Tan says no, thanks, HS’s mom is scary. HS agrees- he’s never been jealous of a guy before who has been chased out of his home. HS is at home now, fiddling with his medicine bottle. He texts HJ, but her answer is short and no nonsense. HS’s mom comes in with a suit. She has set up the rolling admissions interview again. Mom has lied that HS was sick on that day. HS is shocked and mad his mom would go this far, to illegally put the son of the Prosecutor General- will this end only if he kills himself?! Mom doesn’t falter; she replies his threats don’t work anymore. She says she has confidence that she will not let HS give up on himself. ES is at café, trying to find out where Tan is. KA shows up. She seems concerned about ES. She wants ES to come home- why did she leave just like that? KA asks ES where Tan is- did he come here? Tan shows up. KA wants to take Tan back home. Tan refuses. KA is worried that his dad will finds out he is here with ES. Tan says Dad probably knows because he put a tail on him. KA asks ES for help to bring Tan home. ES volunteers to return to the Kim house- so Tan should come too. Tan refuses, only asks for his cellphone and clothes from his mom. KA refuses but as Tan starts to walk away, worried about her son, she gives him his cellphone and clothes. Tan comments he likes this “two-shot” of Eun Sang and his mom together. (PICTURE 7) ES’s mom asks how ES returned home with KA. ES explains that KA came to bring her home, and that she didn’t yell at her. ES asks what Tan’s dad is doing. Mom replies that he is holed up in his room. Tan shows up at Won’s hotel room. He asks to be housed just one night. Won closes door at first. Then he opens it again. Tan is eating dinner, with a smile on his face as he looks at Won. Won doesn’t look at Tan, though. Tan informs Won that dad hit him. Won replies that he has heard. Tan replies, “He didn’t say anything to do when you packed up, but he chased me out without any money. Maybe it’s because I’m illegitimate. It mad me kind of sad.” Won shows some response. Won gets a call from Yoon. Yoon notifies him that when Ji Sook’s stocks in Jeguk, which Daddy Kim has control over, would be moved to Kim Tan (on his birthday), will cause the most trouble to Won. Won asks if this is based on the assumption that Yoon will also hand over his stocks to Tan. Yoon replies yes. Tan asks if they are talking about him. Again, Won asks if Tan really doesn’t understand or is pretending he doesn’t understand. Won throws his credit card at Tan. He is not sleeping in the same room as Tan. Tan tries to book a room in the hotel (Zeus Hotel where his brother is staying and YD’s dad hotel), but YD has drawn a picture of Tan so the front desk could keep him out. This basically ends up with Tan being happy because now he has nowhere to go except his brother’s room again. Ha! That backfired on YD. (PICTURE 8) Won and Tan are sleeping; Tan on the sofa with a smile on his face and Won on the bed. Tan asks if Won is sleeping, and there is no answer. Tan says, “I have a lot to ask you, hyung. I also have a lot I want to say. But you’re sleeping too early, hyung.” Won opens his eyes and says nothing. Next morning, Won drives Tan to school. Tan starts to ask if Won can pick him up too, but Won’s look shuts him up. Tan leaves, smiling. From his car, Won sees HJ going to school. Won starts to get out of the car but stops. HJ introduces herself to classroom (YD, CY, ES, and Tan are here) as the teacher. She tells that that she heard that the kids here discriminate each other based on money. She will do it by grades. (LOL, she tells YD to drop his eyebrows here.) Tan recognizes HJ. In the meeting with Yoon, the chairman, and Ji Sook, Yoon learns that the chairman has been spying on him too. Chairman tells Yoon to stop meeting Esther. He also instructs Yoon to stop his task of revealing the names of people who have been holding the Chairman’s stock underneath their name. He also tells Yoon to buy back anyone who seems like they will try to sell stocks to Esther. He also wants JS to try to win over E again. Chairman also tells Yoon to look into ES studying abroad; sending her to the school isn’t working. Chairman: “I forgot to add the variable of youth to the equation.” At school. ES is happy to see Tan walk over. She even compliments on his looks! She asks Tan how it was with Won yesterday. He describes things that ES knows is a lie. Tan asks about his mom- did she drink wine again last night. ES offers him doughnuts, wondering if Tan is making her into his spy now. Instead of eating his own, Tan takes a bite out of hers. ES hits him, but Tan complains that they are moving too slowly. ES reminds him of the kiss on the roof, which of course is ammunition for Tan to tease her about. ES blushes and leaves, saying she has to go to the broadcast club because HS is not here. (PICTURE 9) HS is at the interview. He isn’t answering anything properly, spacing out. Tan calls HS. HS isn’t picking up. Tan is concerned. He gets a call from JS. Tan apologizes to JS, but JS is too angry. She informs that Dad and JS didnt’ lie all these years to merely protect him, but to keep others at bay. Dad fought hard against his brothers and their kids to get and keep this company. Now with it about to be out that Tan is illegimate, Dad’s brothers are now going to be wolves. This is battle that Tan and Won are going to have to block. Tan is at the golf class. MS walks up asking why he is here. Tan says because he doesn’t want to show this face to ES. MS asks what kind of face. Tan replies, “The face counting the number of thresholds we have to cross over.” At the café, boss tells ES that someone has reserved the entire café. YD shows up. ES doesn’t’ realize at first, but YD is the one who reserved the whole place. YD tells her he had to go this far since she won’t do anything eat with him, answer his calls, and is avoiding him. YD asks her to make two drinks for them. ES only makes one. YD sits uncomfortably in silence while ES cleans up around the café. YD tells her to rest. ES ignores him so he spills his drink on the floor. He threatens to spill the rest of it if ES doesn’t sit down. She sits down. ES ask YD what he wants from her. YD slowly answers, “You to answer your own phone. Responding when I talk to you. Saying hi when I catch your eye.” ES responds, “Now I know. I know you like me and that is why you are keeping my secret. I’m sorry I only avoided you. Now I can only do one thing.” YD swallows hard. ES: “I refuse your heart. I’m sorry.” YD is silent. He expected this, but it still hurts nonetheless. Finally he says,” I’ve really been rejected. Can I get revenge?” ES replies that while she wishes he didn’t, if he wants to he could because she rejected him. YD says he can’t torture her anymore because it hurts him to hurt her, but he will take revenge on all others. He tells her to rest the remaining time he has booked the cafe for. He leaves. In school, YD sits, dejected, with his head on table. He reflects on what ES said, and suddenly gets up. He gets on the school broadcasting system. All the students, including Tan can hear YD’s announcement. YD begins by saying he has something to reveal about Kim Tan. ES is running to the room. Elsewhere, Tan is walking slowly. YD says he will reveal the secret in 60 seconds. Stalling, he says, “Your enemy is not the person standing in front of you with a knife but the people standing next to you with knives behind their back.” He adds that this describes Kim Tan and his relationship perfectly. At this point, ES rushes into broadcast room. YD says, “Right now that person has arrived…” ES shuts off the mic. YD finishes his sentence, “The person I was waiting for.” Eun Sang yells at YD, and YD points out that ES has come rushing since it involved Tan. ES is pulling YD out of the room, when he suddenly pulls her back. She demands that he let her go, but YD says he won’t because he will have to do it later anyway. YD: “I’m doing all this for just this brief moment. So you endure this.” Softly, ES says, “Stop this, Young Do.” At this Young Do pushes ES against the wall. YD: “Don’t call me like that.” Tan has arrived just outside the broadcast room. Through the door window, he can see YD, and he realizes that ES is in there too. He tries to get it, but YD locks the door. Tan kicks the door furiously, yelling at YD to open the door before he kills him. Inside, ES asks YD to open the door. YD replies, “When I said I would torture all those around you, it included Kim Tan. And me.” (PICTURE 10)
a lot of skin ship scenes at heirs
so exciting! It was a great episode!!
Glad to see ES finally embracing KT. Hope KT can rebuild his relationship with his brother and stand together against their dad. Dad trying to send ES abroad is a little unrealistic to me. :). I'd like to see what happens more with HJ and KW. Thanks for the recap. My internet is down and I can't watch online videos. Lol
omo...the trouble is gonna starting for now...so exciting...what happen nw?if kim tam and eun sang they relationship make it stronger?i hope so,that they nver give up to fight there love..