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Hey everybody! Jiji here! For Leo day we are looking at favorite era!
This one is gonna be hard because I'm into all eras so lets see....
My favorite era not only for Leo but for ALL of VIXX is the Chained Up era.
This era is very dear to me because it was my first VIXX comeback that I was a true starlight for and Chained Up was also the first VIXX album I purchased. Aside from the sexy dances and glorious outfits (bless) the entire album has an amazing sound and I always appreciate a good dark concept from my boys. Chained Up stole my heart and good god... Blonde Jung Taekwoon D E S T R O Y E D M E. I was just gone after this.
Obviously I have a love for every single one of their eras because they are my bias group and their music is absolute perfection, Chained Up holds an incredibly special place in my heart as my first comeback as a starlight.
Now lets look at Jung Taekwoon in this glorious era because it is truly a blessing
Thank you everyone for joining me this week! I hope you'll join me next week!
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Oh Leo!!!
Chained Up was and will always be the death of me and I appreciate it
My first VIXX comeback was Live Equation~ I still dance to it when I listen to it πŸ˜‚ But my favorite VIXX Era has to be Error. I love it plus the Error Errored ver they did, which is hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚