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New JYP Boy Group Next Year?!

Lord have mercy.

This is >>>>>>>NOT CONFIRMED <<<<<<<

Apparently, traineeds have been spotted numerous times at the JYP building in a group of 9. That includes known JYP trainees like Chris (pictured above) and Jisung. Those two have also been trying out new hair colors (often a sign of testing for debuts!)

The pre-debut name for group is rumored to be "9 ambitious boys project" "Orion9" and "District 9"

Check Twitter update accounts like JYPETRAINEES for new information as it rolls in.

Again, this is NOT CONFIRMED.

If nothing else, its cool to know about all these trainees!

my heart is not ready
poor 2pm, poor Got7, poor Day6. all will be forgotten
JYP said in the CNN interview last year that he was working on something "big" in 2017 but nothings happened so far.
the boy group's actually been delayed awhile, there is supposed to be a new boygroup from jyp coming
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